Hero Launches new TVC for 2014 Xtreme; Shows How to Live Off the Edge ;) [Video]

Hero doesn’t really create a lot of hullabaloo¬†while launching a bike. Many a times they just announce the launch with a simple press release sharing the prices.


Nonetheless, their latest launch in the 150cc segment was the new 2014 Xtreme which carried a few cosmetic betterments from the earlier motorcycle.

To promote the bike, Hero has launched the official Television Commercial which has been uploaded on Youtube. The promo features a guy who is shown changing his clothes on the motorcycle performing various actions. And when he reaches his friend’s home she is shown not ready yet! In the next sequence, the girl is shown tying her boots on the motorcycle in motion. Between all this action, you are shown the various features of the bike.

With this Hero has tried to showcase the ¬†‘Live off the Edge‘ factor on a blue colored Xtreme. It obviously comes with the diclaimer and a caution note – Do not imitate these stunts! The good thing is that both the motorists are shown wearing helmets.

Without much ado, let us embed the ad for you. Here it is…


(Facing Issues? Watch it directly at Youtube)