Hero Ignitor is a 125cc bike from Hero MotoCorp which was launched yesterday. This is a clone of Honda CBF Stunner.

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  • sreekanth

    lol….hw stupid…!! make something of ur own Hero Moto…why copying Honda’s design?? Impulse is also copied from Honda….why no new designs?

    • RIJU H DAS

      Because, they don’t know how to design a bike. poor fellows.

  • Krishna

    looks like stunner to me.

  • Ramu

    This is FUNNY… any way good luck hero. It is the same as PUMA into PAMA

  • vijay

    copy and copy and copy and copy and copy and copy and copy and copy and copy.

  • prakash

    HERO never learn!!! People are not stupid enough to buy a copy cat when the original (Honda Stunner) is available in the market. Impulse was a good move though.

    • Harshal

      Hey no dear check out hero impulse its a copy of honda bros 150 totally the same

  • Saravanan

    Stunner is better. Only Speedometer pack is nice in ignitor. Ignitor—no ignition.

  • rakesh

    super bike. i need to purchase this bike. so give me the price details in Hyderabad

  • sathya

    I think may in future hero launch some good bikes .but after seeing this i am really upset .They copied Stunner .Why they changed name release its as stunner ,that everyone will know .

  • karthik

    it’s a clear copy & past of stunner.

  • Madhiarasan M A

    Stunner in milk colour = Ignitor

  • AmanDeep Singh Virdi

    I liked it .. No matter what u all say .. its awesome 🙂 🙂 This thing changed my mind instead of buying stunner i wud go for ignitor … nd that too in white .. my fav.


    wow its amazing it is dreamy bike & it is suitable for medium class & stylish peoples

    i like this bike from my heart

  • susheel

    I see a Honda Stunner there. Even the tail lamps are kind of exact replica.
    Only change will be in pricing. Rest all will be same.
    May be they can advertise as Desi Stunner.

  • ankit

    i like this bike it’s look very good…..i buy this bike

  • Shivaprasad

    Company should change name from Hero motocorp to Hero moto’copy’ 🙂

  • deb

    I Will buy it…. i like the package

  • aravind

    hero proves they are zero without honda……great man

  • Shadow Biker

    Looks like a knockoff of Stunner.

  • true

    Stunner itself was a low-sales bike. Ignitor is same copy of stunner with digital speedo. People will buy Ignitor only if Ignitor is cheaper than Stunner.

  • avijit halder

    i think hero try to say thay they r notihing without honda by launching Ignitor, a copycat of honda Stunner and other two bike like xpro and maestro are also copy from their own stable like passon pro and pleasure. Impulse done a great job but i think its visor was not so attractive. Hey HERO try something new. We love u.

  • *LoneWolf*

    Looks like hero is ought to milk out honda to the maximum possible extent they can. Seems like its a straight copy of Stunner. Hero is surely in a hurry and doesn’t even try to design an chassis of their own. Ignitor or WTF it is, if anyone interested in it will have to check up with a doctor, psychologist to be exact.

  • aamir

    wow !!!! Stunner in whit colour … :p
    i’ve heard dat hero iz gonna work all on his own ,
    but still he iz copyng 4m honda … !

  • abc

    Hero of copy cat ,first impulse and now Ignitor.
    In coming be ready to see clone of CBR250

  • mAk

    Sometimes, it suprises me but also makes me believe that world is full of idiots . I can see many above . For 27 yrs, hero was using honda design and nobody said nything. Then they saw them separating and they want new bikes, new designs like they buy bikes on daily basis . And trust me, if only production was they key concern, they y did Honda is still having 1/4 of the market share of what Hero MotoCorp. Have … Any answers ? No… so STFU !!

    Then, people are doing business. They are not here to satisfy your urges ( mind, your idiotic urges) . Produce a 600 cc bike, Produce a CBR, Produce a different bike design, … wtf !! .. Rural India needs a proper 100 cc bike and Splendor is doing that.
    What is the problem with alliances with foreign competition. I must salute Hero VP for saying that they will use Honda technology and designs without any shame. They are doing business . And all idiots above have nothing to do. And I bet half of the above would be buying it only .

    It’s a crazy.. crazy world 😀 and nw u cn spend/ waste ur time 😛

    • Great dear, Well no one is thinking about rural areas where price is a major concern and no honda dealers have reached there to serve them, Only hero could penetrate deep inside these rural villages.

    • Pawan

      Actully comment hare are from the self concerned people, who wants products as per their choice and what they think. Not for mass people.

  • akshay

    well every body is commenting on the looks, may be hero have something new with the engine and the performance of the bike by which they can prove themself.

  • Pulsarboy

    Ok.. we see Ignitor, what’s next, sparkplugger?? come on now, how difficult is it to find a decent name?

  • Kiran

    Ignitor alias stunner. He He Hero Honda He He

  • Dev

    Too bulky and big for a 125 cc bike

  • patil

    who like this copied bike, they have not own brain, original stunner is rock, hero is like zero.

  • Hey! Please, dont everyone go after Hero like this. Dont paint it as a copy cat. Remember Honda and Hero had a joint venture. Then seeing the huge success of Hero Honda, Honda got greedy. It started selling two wheelers under the Honda brand, even before the JV collapsed. This is a clear violation of a JV at least in spirit. It is they who are the copy cat. They used Hero to test the Indian market and once their job was over, brought in their parent company. To top it, Hero was not allowed to export their products to the world.

    Realizing that Honda was trying to canabalize them, Hero opted out of the JV. They have a right to use Honda Technology till 14: They have paid for it. No company can have an RD set up working in 6 months. Give them time. They have the Indian spirit and I am sure they will overcome all odds and come tops. Just wait and watch. Saying that they are zero without Honda is an insult to the Indian Spirit. Give them time. India has done great things and I have confidence Hero will do what Indians do: Better than the world. I dont even drive a bike, I drive a car. But my heart is in Hero. I want it to win for the sake of my country. Dont paint them as villains. They have been victims of a clever partner who became greedy.

    So give them time till 2014: a decent 2 years. I am sure they will come up with something extraordinary. In every Indian R&D company the people who work are Indians like you and me. And we all have loads of talent. We will win because like Rahman sings in the spirit of India: Hum main Hai Hero….. Which is heart felt.

    Take Rahman, Indian music composers were called copy cats but today he composes music for the top directors in Hollywood and has won an Oscar. Our writers have won Man Bookers. Our scientist have won the Nobel Prizes. So please have faith in India. Give the Hero R & D team time…….

    • Dileesh

      with due respect sir,
      Rahman and writers does’nt design automobiles or engines. It is that Indian spirit (I am an Indian ) I am worried about. Since you may be knowing better about cars,May I ask, can any one compare quality of the diesel engine used in the First TATA Indica to that used in the current Indica Vista. They are on the extreme ends. The first one was designed by TATA who has been almost sleeping with heavyduty diesels for more than past 25 years, still it was no match for the FIAT multijet 1.3L CRDi Engine.Coming to bikes, just see TVS, they are still playing big with an engine designed originally by Suzuki. Designing and building automobiles or engines atleast, from scratch to final working prototype that is capable of standing at par with internationally proven models, need excellent engineering proficiency, experience and expertise. Only patriotism is not sufficient I am afraid. But one thing must be kept in mind. If someone else gives a good design, we Indians can very well implement it.

    • Pawan

      You are right buddy,
      Hero need effort to stand. Today TVS and Bajaj is in the market with big share than Japanese companies. So Hero will surely stand in the market. Product promotions, sponsorship and aother activities maing good impact of hero product in the people, which no other company is doing. Certainly when they paid Honda, then they will use it till 2014. By that time it will set up own R&D division like TVS and Bajaj. Already Leap, a hybrid scooter has been displayed in Auto Exop 2012.

  • Gaurav

    this bike is copy of stunner & its handling was never good to seen… price of this bike approximately around 65-70k Rs.so good luck to hero to sale his bike in the market.

  • To my surprise this is the first ever copy cat from Honda. In these 25 years they haven’t done this copy cat. They have borrowed the engine, design but it was not a copy cat. Ex: Unicorn engine in Hunk and CBZ. All the products had its own look and identity. I wonder why Hero done this at this point of time when they want to build a brand on its own. May be they haven’t got enough time to redesign. Its shameful to see an exact copy of Honda model in Hero. Hey try something new Hero !! Impulse is a new product but again its completely a Honda product with Hero label.

    • Pawan

      Which Honda product is transroader…I did find any transroader from honda. Impulse is first indian transrosder produced for people. If you say about engine, hero already paid for using honda technology till 2014. Any Hero is using only engine technology from honda, not using honda raw material for their bikes.

  • pramod

    its a carbon copy of honda stunner ……..this is disappointing…. Hero should remember what Hero Honda Achiever which came as the copy of Hero Honda Ambition got

  • mahesh


  • raghu

    really no change from original stunner. just the company name changes.lol..!!!

  • siv

    Hey Zero(Hero) , continue ur bicycle business .Pls….

  • Harshal

    The xerox copies of activa, bros150 (impulse) and stunner and soon to run the business I think they may bring unicorn dazzler with some other name.

  • arvinder

    Guys remember..hero can use honda’s technology until 2014.

  • chirag

    Its a hybrid of Honda cbf stunner and Suzuki’s gs150r(upgrade one),Hero should change their tag line to..’Hum mein hain CHOR’

  • Pjl

    People please buy indian products like hero, tvs, bajaj etc. And strengthen the economy.
    It is a very good bike(ignitor) and the tail grab is superb.

  • Subin

    I own a stunner.And am satisfied with it.It’s ok if hero uses honda technology.And engine.But it’s a big shame that they didn’t even changed the design of stunner.Shame shame puppy shame.

  • Kanishk

    bose D Ko dusri nayi bike to nikalo

  • rajeev

    hi all, remember one thing now Honda stopped manufacturing stunner model and it will be reproduced with hero moto corp.when they have parted they have right to use collaborated designs… and now if u want stunner u need is to buy from hero in the name of ignitor.

  • vr

    Y everyone is saying its a copy of stunner? You can’t expect them to launch new bikes immediately after the break-up. Even hero has the rights to release the bike, since before they had a joint venture with honda and definitely even their inputs will be there in it. It’s just that they didn’t release earlier. So give them the time, let’s see what they have got. Don’t demotivate them. Be INDIAN please!

  • prashanth venkataswamy

    Hi please check out TVS 250 ….you will be floooored !!!!!!
    thanks and regards
    prashanth venkataswamy 🙂

  • Rajiv Kumar Bahot

    wwwoooow what a Bike,,,,,,,,
    I like Very Much

  • suresh

    what is this,its same as stunner

  • Shubhankar

    HERO never learn!!! People are not stupid enough to buy a copy cat when the original (Honda Stunner) is available in the market

  • Raghavan.N

    CRF250 looks with 150cc engine=Impulse,CBF125 copy=Ignitor,Passion looks with CB110 Engine=PassionxPro.Seriously Hero are going overboard with this nonsense.

  • shankar

    The have re-painted the Honda Stunner and presented inAuto Expo. Waste fellow they dont know ‘How to design’ or ‘How to make a quality engines’ all their engines are ***JUNK BIKES****

  • Sherry

    In one way its good cuz honda has longs waiting period while we get bikes at hero almost immediately………..and about copy cat thing…igniter buyers will be spiritless when the ll see stunner on road .

  • Sagar Randive

    wow what a bike.

  • Annalise Townes

    I really liked your blog. Cool.

  • himanshu

    awesome bike. i like this bike to heart. i want to buy this bike. pls somebody tell me launching date of hero ignitor……………

  • guna

    hero copy corp sucks man …….honda the best….stunner rocks…..

    • Subhajit Das

      plz dont argue, honda stunner dont have kick start and hero ignitor is much cheaper than stunner

  • All The Best … in Future do not copy any like other bikes …think yourself to make a good and better than honda bikes …and again good luck. best regards, Ashok Mudiraj, Telangana, INDIA.


    It is not a total copy of stunner. It employs ATFT and also provides a better digital console.From side view it does not look like a stunner.
    It is just another bike from hero to compete with Honda targeted for young generation.
    Wishing a great run ahead for HMC.

  • Raj

    compairing with the stunner , the ignitor has got one advantage over stunner n that is the kick start which is not there in stunner. it seems ignitor will rock the 125 segment with its Hunk type semi digital console. all in all i think the best part in ignitor is the ATFT engine which tends to boost the power as i have experienced it through my CBZ xtream. price may be a concern when compared to stunner as it surely be higher than the stunner because of its features. Am definitely looking forward for this star.

  • suprabhat das

    what is prices of ignator ?

  • Subhajit Das

    it’s true that hero ignitor is more or less similar to honda stunner but hero is cheaper than honda stunner and much more up graded.

  • Subhajit Das

    plz let me know about the price of hero ignitor in Kolkata

  • Kumar

    It looks good.and the white colour is awesome. Only fools will not like this bike.don’t complain about the companies just try it.you are speaking rubish about the bike.indian company are good and awesome you ..u..ers go away

  • Adnan ck

    Hai hero, still u don’t know how to manufacture&design a bike with ur own idea?

  • Avinash

    Its an excellent bike. U can copy some1 design but not the quality. Hero moto corp is true indian. They have given some excellent bikes. Have faith. Honda bikes are generally over priced n lots of service and parts problem. stunner is a failure from honda..what is the problem if hero is refining it with new features and colours. All the best HERO.

  • Harshit

    i will go for ignitor,i know that its a clear copy of stunner but it is having some additional feature of digital speedometer and high quality engine…..

  • ahtashamulhak

    I love this byke . A.Haque from kuwait.

  • mithun

    I also like this bike & the look of bike feels more power. Ilike this verry much

  • Rahul

    Its launched in Bangalore, went and saw in the showroom.
    Advantages over Stunner:
    1. Digital speedometer console
    2. Fully covered chain cover
    3. Kick start available
    4. Dont thing the fairing vibration problem of Stunner will be present here as its half the size
    5. Hero servicing and spare parts availability

    1. Poor quality finish (I think all the bikes with “HERO” tag has this issue , i just looked around in the showroom and found that hunk, cbz , karizma are still having the hero Honda tag and the fit and finish is too good and are provided with MRF tyres)
    2. TVS tyres
    3. On closer observation , I could see little bit of the rubber seal used in the engine joints( I’m unable to describe it in words here) I doubt the whether the reliability will be same as a Honda engine for long runs (Stunner and Ignitor has same engine specifications but the build quality doesnt seem to be the same)
    4. Didnt like the paint finish also , red and black were on display .

    Stunner is really having a good fit and finish, even with those analog speedometer it looks Stunning.
    Only issue I have is of unavailability of “Kick start” and open chain covers which is not good for touring purpose.
    As my height is 5 ft 6 inch, I don’t find riding Unicorn inside city limits else would have considered.
    Dazzler also not having Kick start. Dont know why they are not even providing an option to fit it.

  • Abir

    guys, though it’s a copy of honda, but mind it honda does not give proper service after selling. if u do not like the copy & paste bike, u don’t buy it. hero is not forcing u to buy. i think it’s a good bike than stunner with good milage than stunner…. i like it.

  • Rushikesh pawar

    U al guys say any thng bt though its a looking sme what like stunner bt i wil go fr it instead of stunner.
    IGNITOR nice hero we love u

  • Rushikesh pawar

    We r member of hero honda passport programme…so we love its all models

  • Sid grewal

    Muu pae lae lo sb behan kae lodo..maa chudaye igniator or maa chudaye tm log,.stunner is best..jisne bi against comment kia stunner kae….maa kasam bhael mae stunner dal dunga….behanchod

  • stiphen

    what about honda yoga,this bike is also pure doublicate of hero splendor gnx,same head light,same back light,same sticker.

  • khushi

    i m looking a byk from hero to gift my love, but this company is shit, having no sense of designing the byk, agar ye hi gift karni hoti to stunner hi kar deti, isse pehle i was thinking to gift Karixma ZMR but very dissapointed, m waiting for Karizma R with rear disks and some changes like engine power, company is going to be dead if do the same,
    guys tell me can i gift the pulsar 200ns is it good

  • Abhishek

    I have heard that “IGNITOR” engine is not even much powerful as Stunner.
    Is this true ? Ignitor looks 80% same as Stunner except that front cover & speedometer which is really better than Stunner.

  • Shrey

    Wonderful bike, because lower price than stunner and good technology only look same but not like old tech. if anyone like to buy stunner so buy ignitor because good bike

  • Vishal

    Yes.i like my bike igniator . This is very nice.