Will Hero’s X440-Based Motorcycle be Called HURIKAN 440?

We may witness the launch of a new motorcycle called as Hero Hurikan 440. Read the story to understand where is this name emanating from…

After settling down with its bread and butter products, Hero has ventured on the path of premiumization. Which is basically a strategy to be present in the higher segments that bring in much higher profits per product. But after the debacle of the 2014 Karizma, things have been really very difficult for the Indian giant in this segment.

Hero went onto join hands with Harley Davidson and the duo has recently launched a motorcycle called as the X440 under the Harley Davidson brand in India. The interesting roadster has been received pretty well and since the platform is available, Hero has also announced that it will have its version in the market this year itself.

Now, a new patent application reveals that Hero filed for the name ‘HURIKAN 440’ that has been accepted and advertised. In the description tab, it is elaborated that this name can be used by the company for scooters, motorcycles and their parts.

hero hurikan 440

Joining the lines, it is a possibility that Hero’s version could be called by this name – Hero Hurikan or Hero Hurikan 440. The form factor is expected to be a roadster or a streetfighter but it will definitely be very different than the Harley. Hero could be developing a modern streetfighter that can also fit in this name.

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Powertrain and a few other bits may be shared but expect completely different cycle parts and identity and Hero is intelligent enough to steer away from the Harley branded product.

Another possibility is that this could be another motorcycle on the X440’s platform that could be sold under the Harley moniker. And if it is that, it will likely adhere to Harley’s image. Whatever it is, interesting times ahead for mid-capacity motorcycle lovers…