Hero Honda Pleasure Review

This is the first time I am doing a review and road test of a Scooter, and I hope to do more soon. HeroHonda Pleasure is the first scooter launched by Hero Honda in competition to the Scooty Pep and Honda Activa. The price of this two wheeler is around Rs.36.5k (ex-showroom) in Delhi. The high pricing is because of the 100cc engine and the bike positions itself in the premium scooter segment.

Hero Honda Pleasure

Looks: I would boldly say that this scooter is the best looking one in India so far. Of course, many would argue that no one can beat Scooty Pep in the looks, but haven’t you got bored by it. I can see a Pep in every street in every city! Hero Honda Pleasure is designed in such a way that it is a perfect blend of a cute and yet a high capacity powerful scooter. It does not look fat like Activa or Suzuki Access and it does not look tiny either.

The only area which I wish to edit a little is the rear handle for the grips, looks a little too big I guess. The bike comes in nine colours, perhaps the only two wheeler in Hero Honda’s stables with so many colour options. You can have a look at the colour variants here.

Performance: Hero Honda has rightly named the bike. It is actually a Pleasure to ride this bike. The engine is so smooth and silent that I can hardly believe it is on after a few minutes of driving. Definitely sounds better than the engine of Pep. The throttle response is not the best in class. While scooters like Honda Dio immediately respond to the twist in the accelerator, Pleasure takes a 1-2 second gap to respond in acceleration. The pickup and stability are quite good. The dashboard is neatly laid out. The speedometer indicates a green area between 30kmph and 50kmph which indicates minimum fuel consumption.

Features: Hero Honda Pleasure has a puncture resistant tuff up tube, which risists sharp objects through a ceramic layer which is placed on top of the air component in the tube. There is a nice compartment below the seat which is comfortable enough to hold a helmet. Though it does not feature an internal light like the Pep, it is still good.

herohonda pleasure

You get a nice glove box in the front which helps in holding small shopping items and books or notes. A glove box is actually meant to keep gloves, but through time the word has come up for general utility box! You also get a hook for suspending shopping bags which will be situated behind your legs below the seat.

Conclusion: I would have bought this bike if I was a girl. It is a real Pleasure to own one. Even though TVS, Honda and Suzuki has competing models, I would recommend Hero Honda, the company which holds more than 60% market share in India and known for reliability and good customer service through the ages. The bike has a 2 year warranty (for upto 24,000kms) and six free services.

Hero Honda Pleasure Specifications:

Engine: 102cc, 4 Stroke, Air Cooled OHC
Maximum Power: 7.10ps@7000rpm
Maximum Torque: 7.85nm@5000rpm
Weight: 104.00 kg
Ground Clearance: 125.00 mm
Fuel Tank: 10.00 ltrs
Wheelbase: 1240.00 mm
Brakes: 130mm Drum brakes for both

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