Hero Honda Pleasure Ownership Review by Amit

I decided to buy a two-wheeler for my spouse’s school purpose. I made so many researches by reading reviews of people who used Hero Honda Pleasure in websites, newspapers, and magazines before I went into a decision to take a two-wheeler.

I got advice from many of my colleagues and friends, family members. All had different suggestions and opinions. All these research was done, because, it’s my first expenditure on a vehicle. So I was careful to choose my first vehicle. Finally after so many arguments and confusions between the brands, I decided to go for the best reviewed Hero Honda Pleasure.

Using Hero Honda Pleasure is really very comfortable, smooth, easy to balance, and a quick starter. It gives a very good mileage of 50kms/lit. It has a safe place to keep helmet inside the vehicle itself, under the seat. So really don’t need to take care of helmet or jerkins or all RC book, license, insurance papers. just keep everything in the safe locker which beneath the seat.

Features such as ABS body, variomatic transmission and high pulling power make Pleasure a comfortable ride. The Pleasure is equipped with tuff-up tube and tyre combo – a handy technology in event of a puncture. An anti-puncture sealant gel is released if a puncture happens, and one can move on. The scooter has been produced with broader seat which means that one can sit quite comfortable even if the journey is long. It has sufficient space between the seat and the front.

Conclusion: With more and more women joining the work force in India, there is great demand for vehicles which girls and women can easily ride and handle Even though TVS, Honda and Suzuki has competing models, I would recommend this scooter as Hero Honda is known for reliability and good customer service through the ages. The bike has a 2 year warranty (for up to 24,000kms) and six free services.

To be the companion of today’s woman, this scooter is the perfect blend of cute looks and strong performing features. Can you imagine the color range; this scooter is available in as many as nine colors. Just perfect for woman who loves vibrant colors! Performance wise, this scooter gives you the pleasure of riding a bike. The engine is so smooth and silent that you won’t realize any noise at all. Though there are few drawbacks like it takes few seconds to respond while accelerating but pick up and stability is quite good. Riding a Hero Honda Pleasure is a great fun and owing one is also great pleasure.

– Amit