They say a dog is a man’s best friend, the reasons are numerous, they are reliable, less demanding, loyal and obedient, if ever there was a strong contender for the number 2 spot, nothing would fit the bill better than a 100cc from Hero Honda.

Hero Honda Passion Pro

They have been in the country for the past two and a half decades, surpassing the sales figures of all other companies by leaps and bounds and making as much money as a small country. Creating a machine that is reliable on Indian conditions is not exactly the easiest of tasks, for starters, it should be able to withstand really harsh weather, bad roads, overloads, rough driving all with a few cuts and bruises. For the average man nothing did it like a Hero Honda, whether it was to drop off his kids at school or to reach office on time through the gridlocked roadways, it did it all at the least possible expense.

Over the years, Hero Honda has evolved from making basic 100cc motorcycles to more performance oriented machines while maintaining its acclaimed reliability and quality standards. New designs, new varieties have all been introduced to make sure that they stay on top of the game. One of their latest offerings in the 100cc segment, which happens to be one of the most popular in the country, is the new Passion Pro. Read on as we take it for a spin and tell you everything about this highly successful machine.

Mr Bency happened to be a teacher at a Microsoft authorized education centre in Kerala, he owned a 2006 Pulsar which he took great care of, eventually its performance and mileage dropped to a point where he thought it was wise to sell it off and acquire something newer, He travels about 30-40 Kms a day and wanted something that would deliver great mileage and was long lasting. After a little bit of research on the newer 150cc bikes on the market, he felt that a 100cc would be better suited to his needs. He then headed to the Hero Honda showroom in the area where they showed him the new Passion. A short test drive and he was satisfied and determined to purchase the bike.
A few days later, it was in his garage, shiny and new. I managed to take it out for a spin to find out what it is like

First Impressions: I learned to ride on a Hero Honda Splendor, considering the fact that the new passion had just a newer, improved version of the same old engine, I did not expect too much. The new look has spiced things of the bike and even though it’s the same basic design as the first passion, I’m sure it will help in the sales aspect.

Hero Honda Passion Pro (4)

Hero Honda Passion Pro felt really light once I sat on it, the new switch gear did everything well and the best new feature you would find though is the electric start which can be of a great convenience. I rode it for a while around the city and then took it over to the highway for a little bit of cruising.

Engine & Performance: This is one aspect where nothing really needs to be said, It features the bulletproof, reliable, low maintenance, high efficiency engine that can be found on the 100cc splendors, as you may know, it has set sales records in the country and has helped make Hero Honda one of the biggest two wheeler manufacturers in the world, As most of you my already know, spare parts are simply not a problem for this engine as its components are among the most simple and basic ones that exist today. Having sold so many bikes in the past, expect the parts to be available anywhere and also at a comparatively low cost.

Once Passion Pro is fired up, the familiar engine note comes into play, albeit a little more refined. The gearbox is a closely spaced 4 speed unit with an all down shift pattern. It has to be said that the box is in a league of its own in terms of refinement, you could literally shift to fourth gear and back to neutral while standing still, this is one feat most modern bikes find hard to accomplish. As you get going, the close spacing of the gearbox lets you know that it has been tuned to be ridden, care free in the congested city areas we are all used to. You barely need to shift back and forth and it pulls acceptably well in any gear. Ideal cruising speed is around 40-60Km/h and though it is capable of hitting the 100Kmph mark, it feels much better down there. The engine also sounds like it’s being thrashed at high RPMs, the sound is neither too sporty or too comforting, it seems like the sound aspect was not paid much attention to by the folks over at Hero Honda.

Hero Honda Passion Pro (2)

If you are wondering about the actual numbers, this bike produces 7.8Ps of power at 7500 RPM and makes about 8Nm of torque at around 4500 RPM. These may not seem like a lot but considering the fact that this is simply a no-nonsense commuter bike, its enough. Hero Honda also claims a great mileage of about 65 to 75 kmpl.

Ride, Handling and Ergonomics: This is where it really comes into its element, as soon as you sit on the Hero Honda Passion Pro, you feel it’s well cushioned seats, and as you ride along, notice the neutral riding position which somehow balances the weight and manages not to stress your arms or your back. The suspension feels slightly firm when riding alone, but when there is a pillion on board, it becomes much softer and more comfortable, speaking of which, the pillion’s seat is really wide and comfortable and is actually much better that some of the 150cc bikes on the market. The bike can chew up bad roads really well while being stable and rigid.

Hero Honda Passion Pro (3)

It’s really easy to maneuver this thing around the cities because of its light weight and slightly raised handlebar, but at higher speeds, the bike feels less confident. On the whole, it is great for riding around bad roads and through cities with a pillion on board.

The brakes do a great job in stopping the machine, Hero Honda also offers a disc brake option, I do think that the stock drum brakes do a good job by itself and offers the advantage of being able to work well in wet conditions, go for the disc if you would be riding around fast or if you like more feel and sharpness from the brakes

Design & Features: The Passion Pro has been given a new look with the choice of bright colored paintjobs and graphics, the new look is a welcome change from the old age designs of the earlier machines and though it’s basically the same basic shape, it manages to be different.

One feature found on earlier bikes is the glove box under the tank which can be opened by a key, it has enough space to store a tool kit and a pair of gloves. The instrument cluster consists of just the speedo and the fuel gauge, just the way it was on the first passion.

Stuff That’s Not So Cool

  • It’s hard to point out something wrong with a great bike but there are a few things that I felt that could have been improved,
  • The design has been the same for a lot of years, the only improvements being a slightly reshaped headlamp and a few shiny colours and graphics, apart from these changes, you would not find anything that’s different in design from the earlier machines, I do think it was time that Hero Honda gave it a completely new look.
  • It’s also not very exciting, the engine sounds plain, the sitting position is just neutral, and you would rarely even find a reason to take it to the workshop, all this makes it a bit boring in my opinion, as the guys at Hero Honda would say, Fill it, Shut it, forget it. A bike in this day and age needs to be a little more than that.

Our Verdict: Passion Pro costs about 51,000 Rs on the road in Kerala, So if you are looking for a no nonsense, reliable, long lasting, acceptably good looking, comfortable, and efficient 100cc bike, look no further.

– Arun

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  1. Both Splendor and Passion are the same inside but in my opinion, Gentlemen with families will choose Splendor+ and college dudes who are looking for a 100cc bike from a reliable company will go for a Passion Pro.

  2. I feel Passion Pro is one the best bike in commuter segment.Flawless design of the product backed with strong sales and service network makes this bike the best choice for those who are looking for trouble-free biking.

  3. @CarAdvice

    There is nothing in the world which will satisfy us 100%. If u need something u need 2 sacrifice something…n HH does the same (I am not a HH fan though)

  4. Hello guys ,
    my name aniket .i stay in mumbai .i have already booked hero honda passion pro .only problem is in advertise they (hero honda company ) showing passion pro with front disk break where as in today (22 – Feb – 2010 ) when ask the dealer (there are only three – four dealer listed on hero Honda site and I have spoke to all of them ) he told me that disk break version is only shown in advertisement and no body knows when it will be available.
    This will be my first bike…….what should I do .is there any who can tell when disk break version of passion going to be available or if it is available in Mumbai please tell me address and no
    Guys please help me …………………….

  5. Is it possible to retrofit Self start kit of Hero Honda Passion Pro to old Passion plus? I am having Passion plus (kick start), now i am looking for self start bike in same segment.

  6. Dear friend,

    I am going to purchase hero honda pro. please let knwo about it, Is is okay to purchase or not. Please reply me

  7. hi friends
    don’t get confuse with all bikes, every bike as advantage as well as some dis-advantage , to have good millage and style just choose bajaj discover 100cc it gives millage around 70-75 km/liter in city itself.. bajaj always rocks

  8. Bike special feature:
    Easy to Use
    Better looks that the old splendor
    Self-start feature
    Cost effective.

    There is a start-up problem in most of the bikes.
    The engine needs to be warmed when the engine is idle for more time. Not sure what the issue is.

    Also the average as promised is not met
    Getting 40kmpl

  9. i have a really bad expirience its performance is a disaster nor it has driving comfort nor it got the mileage of 40kmpl and servicing is also not good at hero honda service centres

  10. Hi, guys i’m nitin i’ve purchased passion pro the milage is good it saves your money as well as it is stylish one

  11. Hi,
    This is vijay . I want to purchase Passion Pro Bike. So pls send the Bike Price details & colours…..

    shashikant aghao

  12. hi. i need pro and honda shine. which one is best???
    i am confuse bcoz pro is 100 cc & shine is which is best 4 me

  13. If Passion Plus production is closed than why advertisement for Passion Plus, advertisement only for Passion Pro,

    Passion Plus : Not Available in market
    Passion Pro : Spock Wheel Not Available
    Passion Pro : Blue & Black Colour Not Available
    Passion Pro : Click Start Not Available.
    Passion Pro : Only Option (RED Colour + Mak Wheel +
    Self Start)

  14. I have done almost all experiments with my Passion pro. I found it good, But personally I m not satisfy with:- 1. It don’t cross the speed of 95 Km/h. 2. Mileage is not more then 55 Km/l on highway, so u can guess what the mileage in city. 3. The fuel gauge shows slightly up or down then the actual quantity of fuel, because of that u may encounter mental elusion about mileage.

  15. Passion pro is the worst bike in hero honda .1)seating comfortable is not there for rider 2)no pick up 3)poor mileage 4)woobling in high ways .so people who want to buy this passion my personal openion is better you people purchase honda shine with same price you can get good bike

  16. i am want new passion plus bike when i go to book in showroom gulbarga(karnataka) they told me passion plus bike is close please help me

  17. hi friends
    i want tell passion pro is not good bike i like hero honda i am driving hero honda from last 10 years i drive cbz from 2000 to 2004 new bike i was taken it was good cimfortable and good control and good milage 49-45/KM AND I taken passion plus in 2004 it also good i drive till 2008 it was givong milage 55-60

  18. The feel you get while driving a passion is the same as you get while driving a bicycle only paddles are missing. So guys look no further and buy a passion pro if you want a rs.50000 bicycle.

  19. I would like to purchase the Passion Pro , pls inform me about the bike, standard, colour ect. I interest in wheightless compararitively.

  20. i m seriously thinkin to buy a CB twister which is available for 58k in mumbai …but the nly problem is the seating arrrangement of the bike … recently i saw the slingshot released for the same price but i cannot find the actual difference in both of them bcause same pik up smewat sme mileage and slingshot is even a 5 gear bike..and a longer dimension tooo..pls sum1 review abt it so that i cud hav a clear justification abt both the bikes and i can decide to hav 1……….TWISTER VS SLINGSHOT

  21. Hi,

    My name is naveen i buy a passion pro byke recently, i am much statisfaction with this and very comfortable……….so….on.
    while come to the milage i am getting 55 to 60 KMP. in new passion pro Digital Meter, alloid wheels with remote is also available. i suggest u gyus if u wana buy a vehicle buy a passoion pro.

    have a good day.

  22. Hi,

    My name is Pramod Choudhari from Pune i buy a passion pro byke on 31st Aug, i am much statisfaction with this and very comfortable……….so….on.
    while come to the milage i am getting 68 to 73 KMP running between 40-50 Km/Hr. in new passion pro Digital Meter, alloid wheels . i suggest u gyus if u wana buy a vehicle buy a passoion pro. And keep ur speed between 30-50 to get maxmam avarage .

    have a good day.
    Pramod Choudhari

  23. hero honda servicing center is very very bad in hyderabad.youy have free servicing then come two days afters.this very bad for hero honda

  24. Hi,

    This is to inform you that I want to purchase Passion Pro Bike. So pls send the Bike Price details & colours…..


    Suresh Singh

    • I have purchased passion pro last week. It has amazing features like power start, digital meter APDV Engine for more power great back light. My bike is black & red color good graphics. I am riding about 400 km in one week great mileage this bike gives me 55/liter and bike comfort label too high. so friend I will suggest you If you plan buy a new bike passion pro is your great option…

  25. I wanna buy a bike in 100cc class, option for HH Passion Pro and Bajaj New Discover100CC
    pls let me know the pros and cons for both the bike

    • Hi Johan,

      pls buy a Passion Pro or Splendor, its a very good bykes but the discover wil give good milage but it dosent have road grip, better to go with Passion Pro,


  26. Hi.. iam littele bit confussed about the purchase of two wheeler beween Bajaj Discover or Hero Honda Passion/Splendor Pro, Pls sugget me..


    • Please do not buy Passion Pro. Becoz not Defrece of Splendor & Pro 2 byks r Same 97%CC Pro worst byke in (Hero honda Company) Poor Milage , take Viberate up to 50 speed, poor pickup engine,not road gripp totaly is Failure Byke is looks liks outside good & any one know it is
      (Honda Shine) better than passion pro
      Good Pick up
      Goog Milege 60-65in city)(High way Long Distence it gives(70milege/Litre)
      & GooD LoOK
      Riding is VerySmooth Byke

      • Seems you have absolutely no knowledge of the New Passion pro. Passion never vibrates even in 90kmph. I have one brought in jan 2011 now running 17k. It has a great pickup. The mileage is only about 55kmpl. Poor at slow speeds.

        about shine give me a break. Its not smooth above 60kmph. Engine noise increases. Vibrations set above 70. The practical mileage is anywhere between 50 to 55. What you are saying makes me laugh man. Next time make sure you take a ride on it before commenting about it. Stop making a fool about yourself and others.

        and its a failure bike??! ha ha ha ha …..

  27. Hi guys. I have Hero Honda Passion Pro. Please don’t think about Passion Pro. In my view, it is worst than the third class bike. It gives mileage of only 50 kmpl. Better go for Bajaj. Earlier I have Bajaj Caliber. It has very good speed and mileage with no maintenance.

  28. Hi friends,
    I wanted to have a bike,
    i m confused whether i should go for Honda Shine, Passion Pro, Bajaj New Discover100CC
    i am not much passionate about bikes, i just needed good economic one.
    plz reply

  29. Hi
    i m bought the bike passion pro on dated 25/07/2011 same day i am found problem its not runing properly.after 500 km i m done my 1st service from gurgaon service center i m ask the enginner what is the problem its not smooth runing than her told me its company manufacturing problem and don’t have proper solution for the same .other problem engine give more sound and tyre is not good quality hero handa is given dunlop tyres in passion.i m don’t belive it hero honda new bike r given more problems so why pepole r buying the new bikes so as compare passion pro better than my old splender .


  30. hello friends sumone above commented that i am a mechanical student i just want to ask him two question from where is he and where is placed these days ( means to say current job)

  31. Everyone’s blabbing about the greatness of passion pro but nobody’s pointing out that passion has very poor slow speed performance. I always struggle and wish i wasn’t here when i travel will pillion in traffic. Continuous gearshifts is a nightmare. If you are single and going in a steady speed then its manageable. Mine i brought in jan 2011 and till now 17k kms ran. I am seriously thinking about altering it 125 or 135cc as many race bike specialist in Chennai do. The mileage of the new passion pro is “ONLY 55KMPL”. What the heck you got better performing bikes for the same price of 54k. All i need is some good pulling power in slow speeds, i advice people to screw the mileage myth and pour extra money and go for a 125 or 150cc. Unicorn, GS150, SZ, shine, gladiator, twister are recommendable.

  32. friends every bike has marits and demerits.i think is a good bike.i bought iit,at starting milaege was around 55 and after 1st servicing it is around 65 to 75klmpl in city now how much u want.

    • Ricky,

      Don’t make us fool everyone knows(who owned Passion Pro) that in City the Bike will not give u average more than 50 kmpl.
      Even u had mentioned the words like “i think” .
      What does it mean.Don’t give any false statement.

  33. Hi friends, I need to purchase one Bike. I need a bike for city condition riding with good millage and maintenance free. I have an idea for Shine, Passion Pro, Discover new, Splender Plus etc. Cost of bike is not too high. This is my first procurement Bike. I cann’t possible to change frequently because I am family man. Please suggest as a economic ways for the bike for riding with family, good millage and low maintenance cost

  34. friends help me to choose the bike i planed to buy a bike from one of this discover 125cc, honda cs twister, hero passion pro……. plz gave me advice

  35. Hi,

    Friends quietly listen to me, please don’t go for Passion Pro.
    1) Very Expensive in 100cc segment.
    2) Passion Pro gives less average compare to other 100cc bikes.
    3) Pickup is not satisfactory.
    4) Braking is useless.

  36. Hello Frends…!!
    I had Purchase Hero Passon Pro on 18th May 2012 and i am fully satisfy with my bike in term of performance, looks and Milage…!! I had crossed 1100kms in last 1 month and I never face any problem in the heavy traffic of Pune. I love my Passon…!!

  37. I think i should go for DISCOVER 125ST, it gives same mileage but more power and speed. My old bajaj boxer was giving trouble after six year. It jumped in 4th gear and engine stalled any time, even good road side mechanic couldnt solve this problem. Then i went to a good service center. The svc mechanic opened the air filter and i saw the foam air filter was bent and there was a lot of space to enter dust into that engine, and when he cleaned the carburator he extracted a lot of dust from that. He said the engine should be flushed. He asked whether i got the oil filter changed, i replied what is that. He unscrewed the oil filter cap and realised that that was never replaced or cleaned, and it was not allowing the engine oil to go up into the cyllinder. He changed the oil filter for the first time in eight years. After cleaning carb, flusing engine and pouring engine oil, he installed air filter he applied little engine oil all over the foam airfilter so that the dust cannot enter and stuck to the air filter. After all this the performance of my bike was good but pickup was low. He changed the clutch plates. And now my bike run like a gun. My bike’s perforformance was degraded only because of the bad road side mechanic.

  38. I am looking for a byke but Confused b/w Passion Pro and Super Splender. Pls suggest me which one is better..


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