Hero Honda Passion Pro Ownership Review by Krishna Sai

This bike looks very much like its former models. However, a few changes have been made in the looks department. The tail lamp is now considerably better looking than it was before, although the lamp itself isn’t fitted properly. From the side it’s a great looking bike and the body appearance is rather heavy.

The bike is available in 6 different colours and all in all it all adds up to a pretty cool and sporty looking motorbike. The Passion Pro has a 100cc 4 stroke, single cylinder engine. It has 4 gears that can take you all the way up to 100 km/hr. However, at the higher speeds it can be a quite bumpy and uncontrollable ride. Everything is smooth and comfortable up to about 75 km/hr which is fine considering that this bike was never created with the intention to be a bike that you could use for escaping the police. 🙂

If you’re in very slow traffic the first gear is the way to go. A negative thing with this bike is that if you haven’t used it for a few hours it can be a bit tricky to get it started again and cold starting it is even worse. Note that it has both an electric start and a kick start.

The break system is very good. Both the front and back brakes are drum brakes. When it comes to the grip the front tire is performing well while the back tire does not so drive carefully.
The suspension is really good with a pillion rider, not so much without. Without a pillion rider the Hero Honda Passion Pro can be quite stiff and bumpy to ride.

Some changes have been made to the speedometer, which now is a bit better looking than its predecessors. It’s not in any way a very stylish speedometer but many riders prefer them that way.

The mileage on this bike is godly good, if you’re now feeling that you don’t want to buy this bike, at least stick around until you’ve read about this bikes fuel efficiency. I’ve used speed petrol while riding this bike so it may be different for you when and if you ride the bike but so far I’ve noticed that staying within the range of 40 km/hr to 60 km/hr have been working great for me as far as mileage goes.

If you make sure to perform regular air pressure check-ups and if you drive your Passion Pro bike below 55 km/hr then you can expect a mileage around 72 km per litre. The maintenance of this motorbike is quite low and it has a bit of space for your luggage. The bike feels a bit out of control and the suspension is quite bad if you don’t have a pillion rider and if you do have one, then the mileage drops. But hey, at least the seats are comfortable!

– Krishna Sai