Hero Honda is definitely heading towards split up with its joint venture just round the corner. Even with the split up is around and can happen any time, Hero Honda still manages to launch a bike in altogether new avatar i.e. New Hero Honda Achiever. This is an upgraded model of already existing Achiever.

Hero Honda launched Achiever basic model in the year 2005 and then re-launched it in the year 2007 with a few changes. Both the launches in 2005 and 2007 failed t get a grip on market and thus Hero Honda have Launched it again now in an altogether new avatar.

Hero Honda new version has many structural and new amendments as regards the overall design and performance of the bike.

Some of the changes in design made in the new bike are:

  • Black Colored Engine cover and Foot Rests
  • New and improved graphic design

Some of the other features of the bike are:

  • 5 Spoke black alloy wheels
  • Powerful and efficient engine of 150cc with ATFT Technology that enhances performance and fuel efficiency simultaneously
  • Solid puncture resistant tuff up tube

The new bike is good as far is power is concerned. Some of the technical specifications of the bike are:

Engine Type: 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder,
Displacement: 149.1 cc
Max. Power: 13.4 BHP @ 8000
Max. Torque: 12.80 Nm @ 5000
Bore x Stroke: 57.3 x 57.8
Compression Ratio: 9.1:1
Ignition: AMI- Advanced Microprocessor Ignition
Carburetor: CV Type
Transmission: 5 Speed
Chassis: Tubular, Diamond Type
Front Brake: 240 mm Disc
Rear Brake: 130 mm Drum
Front Tyre: 2.75 x 18
Rear Tyre: 3.00 x 18 (Tuff Up)
Battery: 12 V – 2.5 Ah (Kick) / 7 Ah (Self)
Headlamp: 35/35 W Halogen
Starting: Kick / Self
Length x Breadth x Height: 2040 mm x 760 mm x 1120 mm
Wheelbase: 1290 mm
Ground Clearance: 160 mm
Fuel Tank: 12.5 (2.3 Lts Reserve)
Kerb Weight: 134 Kg (Kick), 138 Kg (Self)

The bike is also available in 5 different colors, they are:

  • Magnetic Blue
  • Candy Blazing Red
  • Force Metallic Silver
  • Black Purple
  • Black Blue

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  • Mahavir Kothari

    Old wine in new bottle

    • sachin

      I would say old wine in old bottle with new label. Hero And Honda are on the verge of taking divorce.looks like hero has realized that with Honda launching their new products,they have no option but to try and revive the old stuff.I mean something is better then nothing.

      • Gaurav

        I agree with you..

  • Ram

    Achiever gets ATFT now!

  • lee

    In techincaly, wat does atft mean?

    • Ram

      Nothing but “Advanced Tumble Flow Induction Technology” which actually means the Air-Fuel Mixture from the carb reaches the engine cylinder with a swirling action which has an advantage of a very efficient Fuel Burning resulting in more Power, better fuel economy & lower emissions as claimed by Hero Honda.

  • Doctor46

    Yet another paint job!!!!!
    Guys can anyone tell me whnz d Honda CBR150 gonna be launched???

    • sachin

      probably on Diwali day,as reported earlier.

  • faizan

    If i am not wrong first two pictorials of Achiever in this post are old ones?
    Anyways, i have hardly seen any of Achiever on roads….Hope this one will do some business for the Group!

  • Aditya

    Resembles CBZ X-treme…

  • sOur_wOrm1es

    FZ-S rocks….

  • alex

    Hope it can be upgraded with engine on hunk and cbz extreme instead of the same old unicorn mill. with little bit rearset foot pegs, it can rock..at the price quotient..
    HH can project it as affordable 150 cc like bajaj from discover and SZ from yamaha’s,..

    • lee

      Yes, of course it is using d unicorn’s engine.

  • Russell

    This one can compete with Bajaj Discover 150cc.

  • suddhashil

    again a big flop is waiting

  • chintu

    what is the price of it…

  • Ashwhin

    If it’s on-road price is less than 60K,it can do well.

    • prikshit

      60k is too much for this kind of bike……..

  • Aryan

    there is increase in power actually its more than CB Uni, could be a very good family bike with some zip in it now…anything less than 60 its worth it…
    i think the design shud have been some what sophisticated like the CB Unicorn..

  • Raghav

    Well this upgrade means…
    Achiever competes with CB Unicorn and Hunk with Dazzler..
    if we see the specs Achiever is 0.1bhp more than CB Unicorn
    and recent release of hunk sports digi goodies and LED tail…

  • Saurabh Patel

    Do you think Hero can manage to survive in the industry on its own…????
    I mean it does not have the R&D required to maintain its number one position, ALL HH was doing was using Honda’s technicals!!!

  • Tech Guy

    Does not matter whether you have R and Ddepartment or not. Everybody is outsourcing these Jobs and at the end you should have money in pocket that hero has now.
    The upgrade could also be centric to compete with new SZ-X and discover 150 and if review being unbiased, build quality is better than these competitors

  • Madhu

    I don’t understand why they name this bike as “Achiver” and what the “F” thing it achived.

    They better rename it to failure.

  • srikanth

    is it now available in showrooms ?
    Otherwise when is it available ? I heard its price is 58 k ex showroom !

  • @ Saurabh Patel – Hero is planning to have its own R&D and they are not ready to outsource it. TVS build-ed their own R&D after Suzuki’s split, and they are able to survive. Even the Munjals can do it. Because of Honda, Hero was able to give smooth and refined bikes, they will strive to do the same in the future.

  • Gowri

    The OTR of achiever is lowest compared to any 150cc bike, Achiever is a bit of unicorn, a bit of hunk, a bit of Xtreme , light weight, most fuel efficient even betters GSR in kmpl !!

  • madhu

    R & D is not greek and latin, its easy for munjal to set it and done, honda is still behind tvs and hero knows the way to maintain their place.

  • Bogusman..

    Honda being forein company might hv to pay higher taxes n salaries and also huge investments in setting up outlet network in india like HH. On the other hand Hero will hv to struggle for quality n durability of engines like Honda.

  • Harshal

    hey achiver is launched again I think next year hero honda cd100, sleek and the old cbz will do the come back again and will make the record of most largest selling bikes in the world hero honda will go around 20 ha ha ha

  • SriGuru

    Personally, I confess that the Munjals(owners of the Hero and Hero Honda corporate entities) – are experts in paint, sticker and new look jobs. One of these days, if they sign-up with Aprilia as often speculations have been done, they may even change their name to more Italian-sounding. (Nope, I am just kidding)

    If they do collaborate with the Italian Aprilia, Yamaha will face a lot of competition, as Aprilia, many will know, designs better motorcyles than other Italian stunners like Ducati, Cagiva etc (my personal opinion). I have Ducati and Aprilia(used) showrooms near my home, I did a check.

    Viva Hero-Aprilia if they do it. Don’t ask them for the Italian girls. Just go and date them. They are different. Especially if they are blonde…

  • Kalyan Das

    I purchased achiever 150cc in the last month.But the problem i arised from that time that, i ride the bike arround 3 or 4 km after, i feel the engine being so heat.any body tell me ,what i will do now?also i want to know that , how much ml mobile require in achiever 150?

    • the engine of HH Achiever is of 1.2 liter so you should fill the engine from Mobil up to 1.2 liter.I think you will follow me,because i have also HH Achiever 2006 version and it is running smoothly from 5 years.Thank you.

  • Karthik.S

    I like to get my hands on this one if its available in TN. I always liked rare bikes. Achiever is a very ordinary 150cc bike. Now the old unicorn is out, if achiever is released every were i am sure it will pick up sales.

  • SDEY

    one point , if all well, as al is telling, why sale is so low ?