Hero Honda Karizma R Review by Chaitanya

Hi friends, this is Chaitu from the beautiful city of Hyderabad located in Andhra Pradesh, India… but presently staying at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh because I am pursuing my B.Tech here. I own the most comfortable, rocking the stunning street racer Karizma R (Moon Yellow).

First of all in one word to describe the bike its “Mind blowing” regarding the performance. And about the looks – one can say by looking at it. It captures every one’s attention. One advantage of having a Moon yellow color is that it is more attractive than other colors because it is bright and shiny and the graphics a clearly visible which make the bike more beautiful than others.

The most unique look which you cannot observe in any other bikes is that of the entire doom including the side of the tank. This is the main attractive part of Karizma R. Coming to the comfort of the bike the seat is designed in such a way that you feel like you are sitting in a luxury car and driving it.

But the only difference is that you won’t be having a round steering and a hand control gear system. As visible the bike is little long and the seat is also lengthy which allows the rider and also the pillion rider to sit comfortably and enjoy. The other most attractive part is that of the engine safety guard below which gives it perfect sports look. The chain is covered by a guard which does not allow dust to accumulate on it.

The other most attractive part of the bike is the goldenish silencer. Other attractive part when it comes to night is the speedometer. Its yellowish background with lights beneath black lights which it awesome to watch. The mini lights are very stylish and the indicators are unique of its kind and glow with huge intensity of light.

Next coming to the handling of the bike. It’s very comfortable, light and allows the free movement since the doom is not fixed which makes sharp cuts very easy. The disk brakes are the most safe ones and is very effective when both front and back breaks are applied together. It can reach a maximum speed of 125 kmph as observed with my bike.

Coming to mostly viewed feature of the bike in India before buying is “Fuel Efficiency” that is the mileage. If you want a good looking and awesome bike with all features you should sacrifice a little bit. Not so fuel efficient as some bike my bike gives a mileage of 35-38kmpl even if I ride at a speed of 100-120kmph.

If I ride at a speed of an average of 60kmph I would get a mileage of 42-44kmpl. Since Visakhapatnam is a place where the roads are almost empty such as the beach road, I prefer riding at higher speed but safety first, so I wear Helmet.

The tires are alloy rims with tube tires. Good pressure should be maintained for smooth running and should be checked frequently. There are 6 free services provided by Hero Honda. Till now I crossed 2600 kms in three months. It’s a great pleasure with the bike. I recommend any one planning to buy a good looking bike to but this. It’s safe, good looking, and high performance when compared to other bikes. Last but not the least .

“You have to own it to enjoy its real pleasure”. I enjoy it since it own it. Do you? Thank you for reading my review. Please Comment.

K.Chaitanya Krishna