Hero Honda Karizma R Review by Aliakbar Master

Hey guys, Firstly, a small introduction about me, My name is Aliakbar Master. I reside in Mumbai. I belong to a middle class family. Today I am going to share my story with you all, So here I go, I was a bike lover from my birth. My passion for bike grew with my age.

Dad and mom both knew that from my childhood days I have never demanded a thing from them because sometimes later I am going to demand a bigger thing. One day when I was sitting with my friends. One of my friend told me that his brother wants to sell his newly brought Karizma as he is getting a car from his company.

Karizma was always on my mind from the time it was launched and from the time I had seen it for the first time on road. I knew that Karizma is all what I ever wanted. Its stylish looks, speed, pick- up, comfort ability, reliability. Oh man! I can say it was a dream for me. I knew that dad will never let me buy that bike. I knew that it is mine but only in my dreams.

I was not able to concentrate on anything except the bike. Finally I gathered some courage to go and talk to dad about it. Dad after listening to my plea told that he wants some time to think. I had to agree to it and then I started waiting for his answer eagerly. When he came back home from his job, I asked him for his answer and it was a no.

Somewhere in my mind I knew that dad would say no as I always use to think that he doesn’t like to see me happy. But still I wanted the answer for his “NO” after one full day of tears and fights dad told me the reason for his answer. He said “you are not born with a silver spoon, I can’t afford it”. The first thought that came in my mind was that I won’t get the bike just because I am poor?

After two days my friend’s brother sold his Karizma to one of his cousin. That day I thought just sitting and dreaming for the things to come true without any hardship is not possible. I thought why not to work and try to achieve it myself. My friend was working in a call centre so by his reference I got a job in it. I used to get 12000 per month and I used to save and hide it in my cupboard.

I had completed three months working there and in total I had gathered 30k after cutting all my daily expenses. After a month my birthday was going to come, I thought to book Karizma on my birthday on loan. Finally, my birthday night came; I was out with my friends. I came back home at 1 A.M. and to my surprise saw all my family members together at my house.

They all were here to celebrate my birthday. After cake cutting they all had dinner (I didn’t had as I already had with my friends). All my family members stayed that night with me. Next morning as I opened my eyes I saw my house fully decorated. When I went out of my room I saw all my college and area friends, who were here to celebrate my 18th birthday.

After cutting the cake dad gave me a huge gift box. When I opened it, I saw another box inside and in there was another box, after opening all the boxes, I was left with only a small box. Before opening I was asked to guess what is inside the box and they gave me 3 chances. My guesses were a ring, a watch or a silver chain. But all my guesses went wrong as when I opened the box.

My smile from went to as I was not able to express my feelings. It was a Karizma are key. After seeing the key the first thing which I spoke was “where is my bike?”. It was parked in my friends’ building. I went running over there and saw the red jet standing and staring at me. I went running to the Racer and got my hands on it.

From that time till now my love for this speed monster has just increased. It has been 3 years now but if u look at her you will think that it has just came out of the factory (no scratches, no faults). Recently a police man stopped me at a nakabandi (checking). He asked me for the bike papers and after seeing the papers he was not able to believe that the bike is 3 years old.

I asked him that “how much old does the bike looks?” and he answered just a few hours. Now u can assume that what would be the condition of my bike. I get an extra ordinary mileage of 41 in city and 49 on highways.

So, this was my “Dream come true” story. If you guys like it then please leave your precious comments. Thank you all for giving your precious time to my story A waiting your response.

Aliakbar Master