Hi everybody, I’m Rajesh from Vijayawada. I’m an engineering student from KL University, Vijayawada. Recently I have crossed the 25000kms on my odometer of my bike. So, I wanted to share my ownership experience of my bike. My bike is none other than a superior touring bike, the Hero Honda karizma.

Let me tell you the story that made me choose the Karizma as my street weapon. Since childhood I’m an avid fan of sports cars and bikes, so as the time came for me to choose a bike I went straight ahead for the karizma with no other 2nd thought. Below is a small review of my Karizma:

Styling: Hero Honda karizma comes with a semi fairing at the front which is first in an Indian bike, later copied to Bajaj Pulsar 220, Honda Stunner and more. Though the engine is not completely covered it has a sporty cowl added for both safety of the engine and good looks. The bike has big and striking dimensions and can accommodate 2 people in sheer comfort. Unlike the Yamaha R15 and TVS Apache that provide cramped seating position for hefty and stout people, Karizma wins my heart in comfortable position for riding.

The toe-shift gear lever, larger front disk, multi-reflector rear lights, high seating and a bigger- gold colored silencer are a standard. The bike comes with leech like MRF zappers, the rear section is a 100/90 while the front is 2.75mm, while both are 18 inch alloy wheels. Though the switch gear lacks an engine kill switch and back lit function but still the quality over shadows these. The Speedo meter cluster consists of 3 dials, of the two analog meters, one is for rpm counts and the other for indicative speed, the third is multi function digital display that shows time, trip, fuel and odo meter readings.

Engine: The engine of Hero Honda is a 223cc long stroked engine which is highest in engine cubic capacity for an Indian made motorcycle. Though unable to produce 21ps like the competitor Bajaj Pulsar 220 for about the same capacity, it produces a decent 17ps and a torque of 18.5Nm @ 6000 rpm what’s important is that it’s backed by bullet-proof reliability of a typical Hero Honda engine. What ever be the kind of manners you show it, the bike retains its character of being niche to u. As the engine is air-cooled, it requires stops for every 100-150kms on the highways. One needn’t work hard to keep it in its power band, the bikes needle shoots up all the way up to 8000-8500rpm easily.

Performance: The bike takes you to 60kmph in about 4.5 secs and hits 100kmph in 13 secs. It’s a mean machine with both sporting and touring characteristics in its gene’s. The top speed a little over 125kmph and leaving behind the little vibrations near the foot pegs, the bike remains composed at high speeds. It easily reaches to 70-80kmph and you won’t even notice that until u look at the Speedo.

Almost everyone must have heard from tourers of India, that karizma is the best touring bike in India! I have also read an article about 2 people who have traveled from kanyakumari to kashmir on a karizma in about 2 days! This feat holds the shortest time taken to cover that distance. Economy: My karizma returns about 30kmpl in city and about 33-35 on the highways. Since my college is on the highway, I some times get 35-37kmpl at speeds of 80-100kmph!!

Comparison: Now time to show how this bikes fares over rest,

Yamaha R15: It’s the proper put-down sports bike in India, but costs more than a lac, no fun below 60kmph, small bike and very thin tires.

Hero Honda CBZ: The bike has good performance and economy but nothing fun or new on this bike, lacks flair and very boring style.

TVS Apache RTR’s: Small, vibrations, engine sounds odd and very poor tires.

Honda Unicorn: Good city bike with Honda badge but not best in the lot. Severely lacks in performance.

Bajaj Pulsar 220: Good ergonomics, power and pricing but engine gets rough after tough usage. Advantages are, Rear disc brakes, Highest in power, tubeless tyres, oil cooler and much more…

Suzuki GS-150R: Suzuki standards noiseless engine, but this bike doesn’t need a 6 speed gearbox as it doesn’t produce great amount of power. Lacks in raw power.

Final Verdict: karizma with the badge of Hero Honda, touring n sporting gene’s and out of the world looks make it the ultimate winner. You get the best deal for your bucks. This is a real rev-hard bike with good gizmos in a stunning package.

– Rajesh

Honda Unicorn: Good city bike with Honda badge but not best in the lot. Severely lacks in performance.

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  1. Nice review,very good composition of words,if written at 10th standard answer sheet of English paper on KARIZMA topic,will get 15 out of 15 marks.

  2. Good review rajesh, Karizma Zma is really a good bike no doubt. I wanted to buy a ZMA, when i enquired in the showrooms of chennai – 3 months waiting period. Then i turned up my mind to ZMR and the reply was – 4 months waiting period. Then finally i bought the great head turnerr Yammy Fazer 2 weeks back – purely for its looks. My younger bro has a P220 bought a month back – real VFM bike, good speed and performance. But the oil cooled engine heats up ur inner thighs and the mainstand hits most of the speed-breakers. Only 2 things i wish in zma, the handle bar and a tubeless tyre for long journeys.

  3. Nice review of Karishma…It is still better than the ZMR which is a sheer waste f money. Regarding best touring Machine. It all depends on opinion cause you travel longer and faster than the Karishma on the Pulsar 220 as it has more power and fuel.

  4. @ The Menace,
    It should be that way. What’s the point if you don’t treat ur bike that way.but this review is quit a fair one. Rajesh has stated it is lower in power compared to p220 etc.

  5. good review.though i wont need such bikes for just going to college,its great bike if your going on long tour.but 35km/liter
    which most bikes in this category return is entirely not affordable in long run.

  6. In the article you have mentioned a point about air cooled bikes. Is that really true, have you ever had a problem when you continued riding after 150kms on the odometer. I am not sure you are right about it.

  7. @ bull eye… dude why do bring in ROYAL ENFIELD in normal bikes comparo yaar…. its something untouchable legend 350cc and above… R15, ZMA, ZMR, p220 sub bacha hai yaar iske samne

  8. does the air cooled engine requires stops for every 100-150kms on the highways? how long does it needs to be stopped?please comment.

  9. Hi…

    Nice review dude…!

    I own a Pulsar..

    But im too a Lover of Karizma…!

    Hey U forget to Mention a point about Karizma…!

    It is a “UNIQUE” bike in Indian Market which got a

    Decent, Luxurious, Head Turning looks…!

    But Zmr is not as good as Zma…!

    P220 wins over Zma but ZMA is Real Heart winner for all Bike enthusiasts,…!

    Zmr is a copy of many features of so many bikes starting from headlamp fairing, silencer etc..!

    Also Zmr is somewhat Like a Big Plastic Toy..!

    It may be Good for someone…!

    When the bike falls r crshes there comes the real matter..!

    But Zma is entirely different..!

    Karizma rocks…!

    Cheers Dude…!

    Long Live Bike Loverz… 🙂

  10. ZMA and ZMR both lack the crash guard which is a very important part of the bike. Take a note of it my friends.

    • I agree with wing rider. I drove my ZMA for 3 years without the crash guard. But since nothing happened, it does not mean that its OK to drive without a crash guard.

      • I agree with you. My friend met with an accident on His ZMA and his leg was badly injured ( no fracture by luck ). There is no safety in ZMA.

  11. sorry every1,

    i didnt considr the royal enfields while writing about the cubic capacites!!

    actually i was concentrating on a freaky n performance oriented bikes.

    bullets are a whole new kind of vehicles so i did nt want 2 comment on them.

  12. @laxminath:

    hmm well since dis is an air cooled bike it does needs stops for abour every 100-150 kms.
    r else the engine may get damaged.
    every time you stop, give the bike enuf time to cool down such as 15-20 mins.

    i myself drive my bike to tirupati(my home town)
    via the NH-5. i take 6hrs to complete this 400+kms drive, in about 6hrs.
    dis is ver i travel for 5 hrs and the rest is taken during stops.

  13. Hahahaha…!!!
    Agreed karizma is a wonderful bike but please do not disgrace it by comparing to proven 150cc bikes. Unicorn has a proven track record. I am not sure if the author has test driven all the bikes enlisted. 🙂 There is no point in comparing 220+cc bikes with 150cc bikes.

    Anyways no credits taken away from Karizma..!!! It still is the lord of 220+ segment..!!! Dude it seems you have maintained ur bike well..!! Keep it up..!!

  14. Hahahaha…!!!
    Karizma is good u know what gud !!!

    Karizma don,t compare pulsar 200 gand mar deti hai pulsar 200 Karizma ki…
    and bikeadvice reader plz replay mee u r think…

  15. tvs apache rtr 180 and r15 are sportier , so they are made as needed…..plus they have much more power to wieght then your 223cc so called karizma…aur be 220 ne copy nhi ki hai your so called half fairing ki…dumb review , likhne se pehle soch liya kar…..silly !!

  16. mmm…
    Good that you like your bike….. and Zma is not a bad bike at all….
    Even Zma doesnt intend to fight with p220, RTR180 or R15….. So, why do you push it to fight with others? It’s a happy tourer and city commuter which is good in highways….

    R15 and 220 can beat the Zma hands down in outright performance. They are built for sheer performance, especially the R15, while Zma is not.

    So, enjoy your bike and keep writin but don’t provoke an R15 rider on road thinking it aint fun-filled below 60. It can beat you pretty badly when it comes to straight fight.

    Anyway, happy riding, bro….. 🙂

  17. R 15 has thin tire. I agree. However, do you now why they have added the thin tire?

    You need to research on it.

  18. rajesh…. great review man… very nice and close observation about the bike and is salient features and the comparison as well


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