Hero Honda Hunk Ownership Review by Ram Mantri

Hi readers, my name is Ram and I am going to take you through my journey of biking with the help of this review. I am going to review my existing & past experience of bike riding and maintaining it. During my collage days & initial years of my professional days I used scooters which were very bad for long rides and they needed high maintenance too.

In Year 2000 I brought my 1st bike from my own earnings on the occasion of Akshay Tritiya . The bike I bought was Hero Honda Splendor. I used this bike for everything but this was my key to commute. I have tested top speed of 90 on this bike & at this speed there were no vibrations. When I say no vibrations, I mean it. I did not cross 90 as my heart was not prepared to go beyond this.

This bike is consistently giving me the overall mileage (combination of city & highway) of 60 – 65 Kmpl till I sold it out in Dec 2010. This bike helped me & my family for local commuting of short distances. I used it extensively till I brought a Car in year 2007. I have sold out my very 1st Bike Splendor for Rs 15K with 95K plus Km running on it.

I felt that it was a good deal for a 10 year old bike with nearly 1 Lac Km running on its odo. This clearly indicates HH bikes have good re-sale value. From Diwali I was planning to buy new bike for myself in 100 – 125 CC range. I have looked out for HH Passion Pro, Splendor Plus, Honda’s Stunner, Twister & Shine.

One day when I was in HH Showroom I saw Red color Hunk I was little bit attracted by the look of the bike, I ignored the attractive look of bike as I did not want to buy a150CC bike. However, I was tempted so I undid the stand and sat on it. Wow! It was Udd Udd Dabangg Dabangg. Dabangg. Dabangg kind of a feeling. The wide masculine shoulder of bike impressed me. I also felt that the seating and handling portion of the bike is just too comfortable it’s really Dabangg!

On 24th Dec’10 Deepak published the Ultimate Shootout of Twelve 150cc Bikes on BikeAdvice. After going through this review I made up my mind to go for a 150CC bike. (Hey. Deepak see how your blogs, review & information are converting the mind set of every individual who visits your site).

To have a 2nd thought on 100-125 CC bike or 150 CC bike I discussed about it with my friends and closer relatives. Most of them suggested that for the past 10 years you have enjoyed the ride of 100CC bike now to have a different taste just go for 150CC bike. Then I studied all 150CC bikes available in market.

I have visited showrooms to see Hunk, CBZ Extreme, Unicorn, Dazzler, Pulsar & Suzuki’s GS150. I have not added TVS & Yamaha models in my wish list due to the extremely bad experience in past. From the above 150CC bikes I have not tested Pulsar because its bad web based reviews and consumer’s sour experiences. Thus I decided not to go for Bajaj bikes even though Pulsar is their most successful model and you will find more of Pulsars on the road.

Every time when I went to HH & Honda’s show room I did not get the test drive due to shortage of bikes with them. However I have managed to have test drive of Unicorn from my friend who already owns it. I tested Unicorn for about 30 Kms and realized the reason behind this bike being in so demand with a waiting period of 4 months.

As I was urgently in need of new bike I enquired the waiting period of this bike at different places (Panvel & Pune) to get express delivery. As Honda wanted to promote their Dazzler model they were not interested to deliver Unicorn; whereas few showrooms in Thane & Pune have refused to accept the booking of Unicorn.

I & my wife were not impressed by the look of Dazzler (which is also endorsed by so many BikeAdvice followers) hence I did not want to go into the technicality of this bike though it is being said that Dazzler’s engine is superior. I already had crush on Hunk, so I decided to go for it. I wanted to test ride Hunk prior booking it that just couldn’t happen.

From the reviews at BikeAdvice and other web portals I came to know that Hunk, CBZ Extreme, Unicorn and Dazzler shares the same engine designed by Honda. So I prepared my mind not to test the Hunk separately as I have already tested Unicorn for substantial distance. Considering wait period at Pune is lower than Thane, I requested my younger brother who lives at Pune to book Unicorn as well as Hunk, will opt for any one which is available 1st.

With mono suspension I liked Unicorn. However considering the minor price gap between these two bikes my personal vote was for Hunk mainly due to great masculine sporty look and additional features like tubeless tyres, digital display, clock, maintenance free battery and great built quality.

Once bike is booked by my brother I use to call showroom from Thane for the tentative delivery of my Panther Black Hunk (Other colors which are available for Hunk are Force Silver, Blazing Red, Sports Red, Ebony Gray, Bold Brown). After a waiting period of about 40 – 45 days I got a message that my vehicle is available and I have instructed my bro to complete the rest of formality to grab it.

On 17th Feb I got the call from him in afternoon and he told me that my new Hunk is in his custody and he is worshiping it. This was a joyful moment for me. Once bike is delivered I was planning to go Pune to collect it, from my busy schedule I managed to go to Pune on 22nd Feb and brought this bike to Thane on 23rd Feb by self driving it all the way from Pune to Thane.

Findings at the time of Booking

If you book for a Honda bike you have to pay extra for number plate, leg guard & sari guard (for female pillion rider); may be because Honda believes that these parts are not mandatory for a bike. If you need delivery of bike within 3 months (instead of normal wait period of 4 months) then you have to pay entire amount.

This way Honda is cash rich company (as they have started booking for CBR250 in Jan 2011!) No need to worry about the working capital as it is already financed by consumer like us. On the contrary at HH you get these accessories along with bike without the consumers having to spend any extra amount because HH considers it is mandatory for all bikes. You get your Hunk with goodies bundled with it like:

  • There is two year replacement warranty for its instrument panel of digital speedometer, RPM indicator & Fuel gauge.
  • There is complimentary Teflon coating after six months of your purchase.
  • When you insure Hunk you can get the 100% insurance claim for the damage of plastic / fiber parts which is used as an ornament for the bike.
  • I got my Hunk delivered to me at Rs 69700 inclusive of insurance & registration formality. Fortunately I got my preferred number which contains my name ‘Ram’ with little extra amount.

Instrument panel

Fuel gauge & RPM indicator of this bike are analog where as the speedometer, KM readings are captured digitally. Along with speed and distance you get a digital clock in the consol as a bonus so you need not to turn your wrist while driving the bike.

You have an option of trip meter in addition to cumulative meter for the ease of determining mileage as well as to get the actual distance covered in particular trip. The digital display is lighted with orange colored backlit where as the needles of RPM meter & fuel indicators are lighted with bright light blue color. My personal rating to this instrument panel is 4.5/5.


Hunk has great look and look of Hunk is endorsed by so many people during the poll of Honda Dazzler Vs Hero Honda Hunk. As per HH the look & design of this bike is developed in Italy. Great! A Plus point of this bike are its masculine shoulders on fuel tank which you will start comparing it with Horse, Bull, Panther, Leopard when you rest on driver’s seat. My personal rating for the look of this bike is 5/5.


As mentioned earlier this bike is having the same engine as of Unicorn. Detailed specifications of the heart of this bike are:

Displacement: 149.2CC
Power: 10.6 KW (14.4PS) @ 8500 rpm
Compression Ratio: 9.1 : 1
Bore & Stroke: 57.3 X 57.8 MM

My personal rating for engine is 5/5; thanks to Honda for supplying good quality engine for Hunk; it is so smooth that you will feel like piece of refrigerated butter is sliding on hot pan.


Kerb weight is 146 KG that’s why so many bike riders do not give it a place it deservers. But believe me when you this baby you will feel like butterfly and you will forget that this bike has any weight. The weight of the bike is felt only when you have to drag it by hand. No, you don’t realize it while putting it on main stand. My personal rating for weight is 3/5.

Electricals & Battery

Hunk is equipped with maintenance free 12V, 4 Ah battery with 125W alternator. Headlight: 12 V multifocal reflector Halogen bulb, Tail / Stop light: 12V – 0.5W / 4.1W LED Lamp, Registration Number plate lamp: 12V 5W. It has been mentioned in past review that the intensity of light is related with the speed / acceleration of bike however in new Hunk it is not like that you get sufficient light at low / idle speed.

There is an option you can light up the parking light as well as main light (halogen) of bike even if you don’t start it. This way you can use the main head light of your vehicle (without burning fuel) in case you need it in emergency. Bike’s electrical fuses are located below the seat of this bike. My personal rating for electrical fittings & battery is 4.5/5.

Seat & Seating posture

Hunk has got stepped seating arrangement. Pillion rider will get the full front view without any blockage by driver. Seating posture is comfortable for both riders. Please let me tell you that I have brought this bike from Pune to Thane (All 160 KM) by self drive. While on the self ride, I was neither exhausted nor my shoulders and back pained. This clearly indicates that the suspension and seating posture of this bike is one of the best in 150CC segment. Below the seat there is provision to keep the tool box, first-aid kit, driving license and necessary documents of bike. My personal rating for it is 4.5/5.


Hunk is electric start; there is no kick on this bike. You need to maintain / replace the battery once it is out of order. Engine gets started with mild push to its ignition button. In case of battery failure, it has been assured by showroom personnel that it gets started by small push (Dhaka start). By making this bike free from Kick HH managed to make it cost effective. Also one doesn’t end up making their cloths dirty due to the oil / grease of the kick. My personal rating for ignition is 4/5.


Front brake of the new Hunk is 240MM disc which gives sporty look. For new Hunk you have got choice for rear brake either a 220MM disc or a 130MM drum. I have opted for drum brake as it has been advised by so many that disc brake is not required for 150CC. Both the brakes (front disc & rear drum) functions superiorly.

If you apply both the brakes you will reach to ’0’ speed in less than 3 meter. I was glad to know that HH is using non asbestos brake shoe pad & engine gasket which is environment friendly. My personal rating for braking system is 4.5/5. Half point extra for the caring of nature.

Fuel Tank

New Hunk’s fuel tank capacity is 12.4 Lit with 2.2 lit usable reserves. If your monthly commuting on bike is 500 – 600 Km then the idiom “Fill it. Shut it & Forget it!” stands perfectly correct. There are sporty graphics on the tank. As mentioned earlier the masculine shoulder on fuel tank adds value to it’s look. My personal rating for the fuel tank mainly for capacity & look is 5/5.


Sound quality of horn of this bike is poor; it feels like a 100CC bike horn. For the pedestrian who ignores mild horn it is very bad to get them out from your way. I am being told that considering the noise pollution HH has installed low decimal horn on their bike. My personal rating for horn is only 2.5/5.


Front suspensions are telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers where as rear suspension is swing arm with nitrox GRS (Gas reservoir suspension). Both the suspensions give the good quality comfort while driving the bike and you will not have shoulder or back pain when you ride it. Rear suspension comes with three settings to adjust spring tension. My personal rating for suspension is 4 /5.

Dimensions & Tyres

Overall Length: 2080MM
Overall width: 765MM
Overall Height: 1095MM
Saddle Height: 795MM
Wheelbase: 1325MM
Ground Clearance: 145MM
Front Tyre: 2.75X18-42 P Tubeless (MRF)
Rear Tyre: 100/90 X 18-56 P Tubeless (MRF)

With these dimensions & look it gives the impression of 200-250CC bike to this 150CC bike however these dimensions put low personality people in trouble and makes difficult for them to handle it. My personal rating (considering my personality) is 4/5.

Gearing system

New Hunk has 5 gears; 1st gear is down and 2nd to 5th gears are up. I hate this type of gearing system because of difficulty bring it down to neutral (which is between 1st & 2nd gear). Also accidentally in traffic your vehicle gets neutral while shifting from 1st to 2nd. I don’t know why automobile industry is following such kind of shifts in gear? I love the single direction gear system which I had in my old Splendor. My personal rating for gearing system mainly for placing neutral in between 1st & 2nd gear is 2.5/5.


I am driving my Hunk at a speed of 45 ± 5 Km / Hr (@ 3500 RPM) and promised myself to keep this speed till I cross 2000 – 2500 Km. Though I have traveled very little distance I have managed to find out the mileage of my new Hunk and I am surprised as well as proud to mention that I have got combined mileage of 55-60 Kmpl. This is the best mileage in 150CC segment. My mileage rating is 4.5/5.

Other Useful Information

For my new Hunk I have noticed that the handle, rear grip & outer surface of engine are anodized where as front leg guard and sari guard is black power coated. This adds value to its look as well as shelf life as they get protected from corrosion. There is a helmet lock near sari guard however it is not useful at all. My personal rating for this is 4.5/5.

Overall rating comes out to: 62/75 = 4.13/5

You can enjoy the video of new Hunk and do notice all 15 points I mentioned .

Useful information for those who have not owned HH in past: Being a HH bike owner, if you get registered for their program like “Good Life” or “Hero Honda Passport” you get reward points on every serving as well as purchases which automatically gets redeemed at a specific interval for useful gifts.

In addition to above you also get a life cover for Rs 1.0 lac and discounts on purchases. You get best after sales service at any service station of HH and they care for your bike like their own bikes; as well as they also guide you for the betterment of your bike. I have never felt like I have been cheated while getting my bike serviced. Overall I will always feel proud to be owner of a HH bike and will recommend others too.

Scope for Improvement for future development

  • HH should work on to reduce the weight of this bike without affecting the safety aspect as well as aesthetical beauty of this bike
  • Turning radius is the very low, short turn is problem with this bike.
  • Gearing system as mentioned above should be improved. Locate neutral gear at the extreme end.
  • Provide seat height adjustment so that the personnel can adjust the height as per their comfort.
  • Helmet lock which is provided at sari guard needs design improvement so that apart from helmet one can lock his bag or language in it.
  • Locking & unlocking of seat should be trouble free. Just like it is available for scooters seat.
  • Provide little bit of more space below the seat so that it can be utilized to storage.

Lastly I would like to say only one thing is that whatever the make or model of your bike, take care of it for 1st two years like it is your baby; from 2nd year onwards till 5th year like you take care of yourself & your spouse; from 5th year onwards take care of it like your parents. Every one worships their bike when they get it delivered and they continue to worship it on the occasion of Dashera so give the respect to your machine; similarly this machine will shadow the comfort to you till you use it.

Vote of thanks

I thank Hero Honda for having model like Hunk in their product portfolio; also thanks them for being global partner for the World Cup 2011. I thank Deepak Raj for giving his platform to share my views with millions. Last but not the least I thanks my spouse Seema for giving such a wonderful gift on my birthday (though it got it delivered two weeks late). Also I will not forget to thanks readers like you who had patiently gone through my lengthy review and enriched themselves with the information I shared.

Regards & have safe riding
Ram Mantri