New Hero Honda Hunk Launched

It has been in the news for sometime now; people have been flocking Hero Honda showrooms to enquire about it and it is here, finally. The all new Hunk makes its way to the showrooms with a rather funny and familiar tagline “NO ONE MESSES WITH IT” and a very flashy and heavy website.

Needless to mention: technical specifications remain exactly the same as has been a general norm with Hero Honda upgrades. But apart from the routine cosmetic enhancements, the new bike does get a handful of good add-ons. Let’s take a quick look at what is the hype all about.

Main Features:

Optional Rear Disc Brakes: Hunk becomes the 3rd bike in the 150cc sporty commuter segment to sport rear disc brakes after Dazzler and Apache. Apart from the 220mm front, braking prowess further gets a boost with 220mm rear discs which are provided as an option.

Tubeless Tires: Slowly but surely it is becoming a norm nowadays and a very good practice we must say. Hunk follows Dazzler and is now given tubeless rubber for both the front and rear.

Digital Console: Its not completely digital but similar to Dazzler it could be called as a semi-digital console. The bike now comes with a orange colored digital speedometer against a big analogue tachometer calibrated till 11k and all done in spunky bright reddish orange colors.

LED Tail lamps: The tail gets glitzy as it gets the dotted cool looking LED treatment

Altered visor: Hunk also gets a more contoured black transparent visor.

Ridged exhaust cover: The stainless steel muffler cover gives way to a more attractive smooth black colored one

Restyled side panels: Gray colored side panels give way to black colored ones. Also the ‘GRS’ sticker which signified ‘Gas Reservoir Suspension’ is replaced by the ‘ATFT’ (Advanced Tumble Flow Technology) logo similar to the one seen on the sibling CBZ Extreme.

Grab Rail: The rear grab rails also get a darker shade to go along with the overall theme.

Beefy Front Mudguard: Front mudguard has also been worked upon to make it look brawnier.

Colors: Apart from the existing Force Silver, Sports Red and Panther Black, Hunk also gets 3 new colors – Blazing Red, Ebony Gray abd Bold Brown to take the total tally to 6 options.

Body Colored Mirrors: In a bid to make the bike look sportier, the new bike now comes with body colored mirrors which, to us, did not gel well with all the colors

Prices: The new Hunk costs Rs 66,122 in Pune, Rs 68841 in Mumbai, Rs 64,724 in New Delhi and the costliest in 69,779 in Bangalore. All prices are on road. Add approx Rs 3000 for the variant loaded with rear disc brakes.

Apart from this, Hero Honda mentions in their website that the engine oil capacity is 1.2 liters which is a little surprising. These enhancements definitely make Hunk an even worthier buy especially the rear discs, Digital Console, new colors and the all important tubeless tires.

Moreover, after these add ons people who have to choose between Honda 150ccs will definitely get confused between Dazzler and the new Hunk as they seem to possess more or less the same traits.

– Saad Khan

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