Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme Review by Jovito Cardozo

The Hero Honda CBZ Xtreme is my first bike. It’s absolutely something like ‘Neighbours envy – Owners pride!’ Well here’s a short review.

Looks: It wont be love at first sight when you look at this bike for the first time but over time you’ll get used to its looks. Very stylish from the rear I must say. Hero Honda could have could done better with this legend.


Engine is quite responsive and has a good pickup with good enough grunt and does 0-60 in 5 seconds. I still marvel my CBZ after 3 long years.

Paint Job

Hero Honda has done a good paint job except for I must say the engine paint which chips off early. But nothing serious to worry about. I must complain that the absence of a candy blazing red color does leave many paople disappointed. Though initially they did make provision for candy blazing red color limited numbers were sold and then HH gave excuses that the paint was no longer available.


Feels and handles absolutely like a charm. I faced some dangerous situations but the front disc did it’s job perfectly. Tyres too makes handling curves easy. Without having prior experience with geared bikes I took this bike from the showroom home riding solo and didn’t take much getting used to.


Fuel consumption is also pretty decent and returns a decent 50 kmpl if you keep the speed at 40-50 kmph. I used to commute daily to office – a trip which makes 24 kilometres back and forth. 500 Rupees was enough for the fuel to last atleast 20 days before falling into reserve.


It’s never let me down except for some minor electrical problems. Hero Honda should have given the CBZ Xtreme a DC powered headlamp like the one doing duty in the Yamaha FX. Headlight is pretty weak I must say at nights.


Overall CBZ Xtreme does fairly well and is suitable for tall riders who like to be king of the road while riding this beast.

Jovito Cardozo