Hero Says – EBR Closure Will Not Impact Launch Plans; Buying Out Not Ruled Out

In a sudden and surprising move, EBR very recently filed for bankruptcy protection and said that they had planned big advancements based on some expected funds which did not come. In an emotional word at its official Facebook Page, Eric Buell, the owner of EBR also confirmed that they helped Hero kickstart their new innings (after Honda) by providing technical support on a lot of their products which include the most awaited HX250R, Leap Electric, RnT diesel and others. It is anticipated that EBR’s sudden closure may cause a delay in these products, if not a complete axing of some projects.


However, according to Business Standard, Hero has confirmed that EBR’s shutdown will NOT impact their launch plans as most of the products they were working on were completed or were close to completion.

The Bigger Interest?

Upon being questioned if they will consider bailing out EBR by buying out the remaining stake in the company, Hero’s spokesperson said that the receiver will determine the future plan for EBR and no auction has been scheduled yet. And based on how it pans out Hero will consider and evaluate what options do they have.

If we believe Hero’s word, the 31PS HX250R should be on its way to hit the markets soon but how is the company planning to enter USA and other markets now…?