Leaked: Hero’s New Adventure Motorcycle; Could be a 200 or 250cc!

Hero Adventure Motorcycle will be first from the company after their break-up with Honda which gave us the impressive but underpowered Impulse…

Intentionally or unintentionally, Hero has leaked its new upcoming adventure motorcycle in a very unclear image. Actually, they shared a teaser earlier which featured the same motorcycle but it was overlapped by the #HeroatEICMA ticker (pictured below) and hence many, including us, gave it a pass, considering that it could probably be their Dakar motorcycle or something from which we can not deduce anything. And so, Hero decided to let go the motorcycle itself!

Let us quickly talk about some of the bits which we could notice from the pic.

Hero Adventure Motorcycle – Quick Bits

  • The motorcycle features long travel front forks and a raised front fender, which we have also seen on Impulse. The forks are not bare and get a black covering.
  • There is a small disc brake at the front and the rear is unclear but it probably does feature one smaller rotor as well.
  • It is running with an open chain.
  • The engine appears to be more vertically mounted than Xtreme 200S but it does NOT look like a very big motor. Our bet is that it could be a 200 cc or a 250 cc engine. It could even be smaller than this!

Hero Adventure Motorcycle

  • The tank is tiny the seat appears to be long.
  • The wheelbase appears to be smaller than Xtreme 200S.
  • There is a small visor at the front just ahead of the headlamp.
  • The front tyre appears to be slightly bigger than the rear.
  • The seating posture is upright and the rider is sitting very close to the handlebar.
  • The design appears to be utilitarian and base-basic, which is actually a good thing!

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The teased motorcycle appears to be smaller in body size than Impulse

Hero Adventure Bike Unveil

In the same teaser Hero has clearly hinted that the motorcycle will be unveiled at EICMA which begins from tomorrow (7th Nov 2017). It will be worth a wait since this does NOT appear to be a wild concept which could not be brought to reality (like Hero’s 2014 and 2016 Auto Expo concept motorcycles). Let us wait and see what does Hero has in store for us…

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Anything else which you could notice not mentioned here…?