I’m indeed fortunate to make a write-up on this. This piece of write up, for sure is gonna set hardcore bikers in high spirits. The news is that the world’s premium motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson is most likely to open up an manufacturing assembly plant in India (Kudos!).

Harley-Davidson is said to have a plan for the past 4 months on opening an assembly plant in Bawal, Rewari district of Haryana, which is about 100 kms from the capital. This is the second plant of HD which is to be set outside the US. Brazil was the first country to host a Harley-Davidson assembly plant subsequently after US. The plant is expected to be built at around 70,000 sq.ft with an initial annual production of 200 motorcycles approximately.

The model that is finalized as of now for production in India is the ‘Harley-Davidson Sporster’. We do hope a few more to join this in the near future. Bikes would be brought to the Bawal plant as CKD (Completely Knocked Down) units from the American factory and would be assembled over here. The rest would be available as imported models in the same manner as available now. This unit would also enable the company to export their bikes to a few other markets as well.

This step would result in slashing the price by as much as 40-45%,(since they are not imported bikes anymore, thereby cutting the heavy import duties) which would result in creating a considerable increase in its market share here. The figure of 40% is incredible indeed. The happiest hearsay is that Sportster 883 Superlow, which was initially priced at INR 5,50,000 (ex-showroom, Delhi) , considered to be the cheapest in India would be available for just about INR 3,50,000!.

This is due to the fact that Sportster is the chosen model to be assembled in the Indian plant. Have you ever thought of possessing a Harley-Davidson for yourself at merely 3.5 lakhs or so. Personally, I’ve never even dreamt about owning a Harley-Davidson in the future, but now my instinct tells me that the day is not at all far away. I term it the ‘HD revolution’.

Concerned about the production, it is expected to begin by mid 2011 which I feel might get prolonged to the end of 2011. Whatever, I don’t mind. All that keeps tingling in my ears is ‘Harley-Davidson in India for 3.5 lakhs’.


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  • Sameer

    OMG, its indeed a “HD revolution” . A HD for 3.5 lacs???, boy im definitely gonna buy it.

  • samar

    I feel the revolution is coming in indian biking history . i will love to have this beast .

  • Naren

    Anmol: I am the writer of this article. HD does have an assembly plant in Manaus, Brazil. Nothing is misleading here. The price which you have mentioned is the old one. What I’m referring to, is the price that would be available in Indian after assembly process starts here. Also, HD has no idea of opening a manufacturing plant here.Its only an assembly plant.

  • fas

    What I feel is HD wont price it below 4 lakhs anyways as they have to maintain the premium tag.

  • Naren

    Guys there is a slight change in this. In the first paragraph, what I’ve mentioned is an assembly plant and not a manufacturing plant. Apologies to you.

  • abdul bazith

    wish its not from rumors………. its good for all……if HD sells an 800cc for 5 lacs, then RE would give a 1000cc bike for 2.5 lacs, thus making a good competion between these 2 guyzzzzz. therfore hardcore bikers like us would be benefited,lol…..

  • amitash

    This is a completely nonsense article. The writer it seems is not even aware of latest happenings in Indian Biking arena. The Ex Showroom price of the entry level HD after being assembled in India (CKD form) will be 5.5 lacs for the Sportster Superlow. The HD have clearly mentioned in their press release. I dont understand where did this writer find that it will cost 3.5 lacs. When everything is already known and clear why being so stupidly speculative!!


    HD already has an assembly plant at gurgaon and thats the reason the prices have come down from the rs 7.5L for CBU to rs 5.5L for the CKD. with this HD india making a profit of 1.3L over their american pricing.. IF what Naren says is true then 3.5L is almost the same as USA price of $7999 for the entry level harley the 883 superlow.

    Naren can you clarify your source for this news?? and is HD india planning a further reduction from 5.5L to 3.5L??

  • karikor

    if this is true, then harley davidson india should seriously think of manufacturing India-specific models like maybe a 500cc sportster at a sub 2lakhs price. This would definitely give a serious scare to other bike manufacturers esp Royal Enfield. and this strategy will be definitely India-proof. coz too be honest not many of us indians have the body-frame to actually be able to handle a 800cc – 250kg+ or so HD very comfortably. so say a 500cc 180-200kg with great power and torque will definitely sell like hot cakes for the majority of Indians who want a HD in their garage. I dont want HD to go below 500cc capacity coz then it would not be much of the “HD” we have come to know, respect and follow.
    Now if a Honda CBR250 which is Japanese and is just 250 cc costing 1.5-1.8 lakhs rupees can get 1800 bookings in the first month itself, then if HD comes with a 500cc Sportster model for 2 lakhs, im pretty sure the first month booking will be double than that of the Honda CBR250. and the jump in sales that will be very expected will definitely change the face of the market provided After Sales support is upto the mark.

  • Anaswar

    Dude I think you are wrong! The initial price of roadster was around 6-8 lakhs, and the 550000 price you mentioned above is the price after 40% deduction. So the low rider and 883 are the cheapest harleys available around 5-6.5 lacs.

  • Athrey

    I am sorry to say, that the information you have provided is quite inaccurate. The 883 lineup started from Rs. 7-8lakh before they started the assembly unit in Haryana, late last year. Once they started assembly, they reduced the prices to Rs.5.5lakh. Now, the newest news is that they want to set up a full-fledged manufacturing unit in the same state. They are inviting their vendors to invest in India so that they can realize this project. After they start manufacturing, they are expecting to cut costs further by 40%, making the 883 lineup available for around Rs. 3-3.5lakh. This information was picked up from The Indian Express.

  • Sujit Thonse

    I’m saving for it…….

  • karikor

    @ Anaswar

    I think HD are in the process of finding the required local vendors so as to set up the Manufacturing Plant. So if this achieved then expect the price of a sportster model manufactured here in India to match the US price (about 9000$) or hopefully lower than that since the labour component is far lesser here than in the US. They may start with about 50-60% localisation, but will sooner or later strive to increase the percentage of local components. So 3.5 lakhs is a reality if this deal comes through.

    Now check this out,
    Fully imported CBU H-D 883 Sportster about 124% import duties = 7.0 lakhs
    Assembled CKD H-D 883 Sportster 60% import duties = 5.5 lakhs
    Fully Manufactured in India H-D 883 Sportster 0% import duties = 3.5 lakhs

    So this is achievable once H-D sets up its plant here in India. And as per current news, that is exactly what HD plans for India, setting up a “mother plant” that will cater to the needs of the Asian continent.

    By the way the chief of H-D India, Anoop Prakash, has reiterated more than once that H-D India is contemplating a Made-For-India model with about 600-800cc in its company’s plans for India. So it is now logical for you to wish for a 600cc H-D Sportster bearing a price tag of 2-2.5lakhs if Mr.Prakash really intends to bring this plan to life.

    @ Athrey
    I agree with you.

  • Dev

    Ok.. this is awesome to have a harley just for Rs 3,50,000/-. But the problem is very few young riders in India prefer a cruiser to a sports bike…. I think Honda CBR250R is gonna rock & Yamaha should think of 250cc version of R1 for India pricing arround Rs 2,00,000/-…

  • karikor


    Well even though I wud have to agree with you…. we all know that Harley Davidson is not just bout owning one, but about the feeling you get just by being a part of the cult. And I really wouldn’t want to see every third or fifth bike on the road to be a H-D,coz I would definitely prefer exclusivity.

    As for Yamaha, they are planning to launch a 250cc version of the FZ-16, and well asking for a YZF-R250 also wont hurt, especially if its got 2 cylinders, hopefully producing sumthing like 30 bhp and 25 Nm torque having a strong low end-mid range (def not a track bike) with 160 kg kerb weight for 1.6-1.8 lakhs. And let the FZ-250 stay under 1.5 lakhs.

  • karikor

    The best part is that Yamaha already have the right frames/body/chasis (FZ/R15) while Honda & Kawasaki had to bring in a completely new model. All they need to do is plonk a bigger heart. If Yamaha can do this, then we might have a winner here, Yamaha beating Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and others in India atleast in the 250cc class.

    What I feel disappointed is Suzuki, bringing in a 2cylinder model,(GW250) which produces only 25bhp. Even Honda CBR250 produces only 26bhp, but you can’t ask much out of a single cylinder, infact its more than average for a single cylinder 250cc mill.

    If only the Kawasaki Ninja 250 was a lakh cheaper and had a more up-to-date design….
    Wishful Thinking !!!!! Any possibility?

  • Bikram

    Looking at what the condition of Harley Davidson in their home market is, i think they would be desperate to find ways to sells more units here. In the past 5 years, their sales internationally have fallen to less than half, with their home market sales fallen the greatest. Not only were they forced to sell off MV Agusta, but but had to lay off large amount of old and trained workers. Frankly, they are looking at the Indian market to be their Saviour. (source: http://www.asphaltandrubber.com/news/harley-davidson-losing-dealerships/ )

    Not only that, leaving the the V-Rod, all their older products use basically 80’s technology, so they really need to upgrade. And that is the primary reason why Royal Enfield is thinking of making a 750cc and 1000cc twin, because technology wise, Harley is quite within their gasp if think can try hard enough ( that is, if it wakes from its slumber. And looking at how things at turning out in the past year or so, i fell they have gathered the will power and they have the resources too). Also since Royal Enfield itself is growing by leaps and bounds in the US, i have a feeling that the new engines they are working on would be to revive the Reddich-made Royal Enfield Interceptor motorcycles. That bike was way ahead of its time. After all, it entered the hall of the legends since it was termed a super-bike in its day. It had and still has quite a fan following in the U.S, so if Royal Enfield does find a reputed chassis frame maker, since it already had AVL’s backing for the engines, it would surely come back with a bang.

    If kumbkaran does finally wake up from its slumber, we indian bikers have only to gain from this competition.

  • so today iron price is 7.5-8 lac on road.

    in india bike price incress but after mfg. plant iron price is going down so

    today bike purchase is not favrable. what u think. so after 2-3 yr price down and this is 50%

  • Hi Im writing in from India, the Harley setup here is almost perfect & the starting Sportsters are in great demand; running at OVER-BOOKED levels n delivery timelines requiring you to wait 8-9 months on certain models is a sure-shot way of making sure that the ‘Resurrection of Harley’ through India IS INEVITABLE…
    Its said “Legends Live Where Legends Roam!” –> Now they’ll roam in India haha!!

  • Hey.. guys FYI —
    Also for all the valueable comments put forth by all you cheap Japanese spec oriented motorcycle fanatics & the non-country/origin bothered honest rider too, I’ve got a few thoughts for you folks to chew on –

    1. Who is the single LARGEST motorcycling group/family worldwide that rides under 1 banner?

    2. Who survived TWO World Wars n expanded each time they came out the other side?

    3. Who has enough n more influencing power to make human beings tatoo their flesh n bleed n feel the rush just to ‘belong’ somewhere n be with someone?

    4. Who gets heads turning & smiles flowing n eyes glowing around the world like a baby just found his candy stick?

    5. Who is 10/10 times perfect on the below said line? —

    ‘Arguably, the motorcycle, more than any other machine, is the vehicle that provides its owner with the most intimate and personal man/machine interaction. ‘

    The Answers to the above 5 questions is 1 name ‘HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES’ n the quite often sarcastically referred to haven they call Milwaukee, WI where it all began!!

  • Alex.v.George

    We are getting 500c.c bike(R.E) in cheap price. then why people waiting for Harly Davidison 500 c.c
    if harly make 500 c.c bike it,s look will not better than royal enfield 500 c.c

  • RK

    Hi! I have booked a sportster 883 super low and it will cost me around 6.75 on road in pune. There is waiting of 8 months. Harley Davidson won’t cut down the price to half when there is so much of demand for their bikes. People like me who have already booked their bikes will cancel their bookings.

  • Asif

    Hey guyz!since v r cmmentng bout HD and RE manufactrng engine of 500cc.Let me tell u dat two guyz in Australia they hv manufctrd RE V-Twin Engine of 700cc and 1000cc wich iz costng around 3lakhs.

  • Rinie

    If the motor will be manufact here, i don´t like it anymore, because now i like
    the cycle for his Name, power, model and status. And yes… it´s now a real American bike with a great history. And when the plant is outside of America, is not anymore a real old style American Harley Davidson…

    So my next bike will be a fast Suzuki or Honda 🙂



  • vikas Goswami

    I am waiting for this bike in INR 3.5 lacs.i will immidiately buy in this price.


    i like heartly HD ,,i wanna job in HD plant,,,,,bawal rewari.(haryana) india. if any vacancy plz call me