Harley Rock Riders – Season V: Entries Open!

A motorcycle, for some, comprises just a mode of transportation from point A to point B, while for others it is a way of life. For the latter, it is as important as H2O, food, and air. This breed just can’t survive without seeing the world from varying degrees of lean or without experiencing the elements of nature in their most raw form. Described as masochists by the majority (read ‘cagers’), this section of beings, when not flicking the volume control (the throttle of a motorcycle, for the uninitiated) of the best music instrument ever invented by man, can generally be seen finding solace in drum beats or in fine tuning the acoustics of a guitar…

Harley Rock Riders

For such people, Harley-Davidson organizes a music festival by the name of Harley Rock Riders. It features some of the biggest names in Indian rock music like Zero, Scribe, Blackstratblues and Undying Inc, and also Grammy-nominated American alt-rockers like Mutemath, among others. The carnival also features activities like Harley-Davidson jumpstart, live custom motorcycle build, custom paint job, etc., and there are normally around hundreds of Harley-Davidson motorcycles adding to the visual and aural feast.

Most importantly, this festival also gives an opportunity for budding Indian rock artists to showcase their talent on stage. In its fifth edition, Harley Rock Riders contest theme this year is ‘Find Your Freedom’ where the country’s best amateur rock music acts will compete in an online contest where users and a jury will vote to collectively pick the two best original compositions.

Harley Rock Riders

The final two bands will then perform at Harley Rock Riders – Season V in Mumbai next month. It does not stop there as the winning band will then go on to perform at the 18th edition of the European Bike Week in Austria. That’s the largest gathering of motorcycles in Europe and the second largest in the world!


How to go about it:

Interested bands must submit an original composition by logging on to nh7.in/harleyrockriders/findyourfreedom. Entries have opened on 21 October and would close on 4 November. Only English and instrumental soundtracks as entries will be accepted. Once your entry is live, you must rally for votes as the two best entries will be decided by the maximum number of votes AND a jury vote.

The two finalists will then be flown into Mumbai where they will battle it out on stage on November 15-16 2014 at the Richardson & Cruddas Byculla, Mumbai. The winner will be decided on the basis of an on-ground ballot where the audience will vote for their favorite act.

*** Votes can be cast from October 27 to November 5, on the Harley Rock Riders – Find Your Freedom website. For more details and contest rules log on towww.nh7.in/harleyrockriders or tweet at @harleyrockrider or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/HarleyDavidsonindia. ***