Harley India to Launch Breakout and CVO Limited on 30th October

The Americans know how to make interesting motorcycles, Harley Davidson for example makes some killer looking products. Now, after a lull, they are going to launch two new motorcycles in India on 30th of October which are rumored to be the Breakout and CVO Limited.


The Softail Breakout is basically a drag racer which belongs to the Fat Boy’s family. It houses the 1690cc air cooled twin cam engine which churns out 130Nm of peak torque at 3000 rpm. Best of all it claims to have a fuel efficiency of 17.86 kmpl, that too when it has a dry weight of 309 kg!

It gets a Six-Speed Cruise Drive gearbox and those low and wide handlebars get the rider in an aggressive forward biased riding position. And that fat arse rear tire, lends the bike that macho feel and do not miss those beautiful headlamps.


The CVO Limited, (CVO stands for Custom Vehicle Operation), gets a 1801 cc engine which produces 156 Nm of torque at 3750 rpm. Need another surprise? This 416 kg (dry) motorcycle returns a highway and city combined mileage of more than 17 kmpl! It gets LED head lamps and fog lamps and has the shape of a true blue tourer.


The infotainment system has a Boom Box 6.5GT Radio and a 6.5 inch touch screen display. It gets 4 speakers with 75W per channel, USB, SD card and flash drive support. Well, get ready for crunching miles on the highway without getting bored.

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