Harley – Davidson to Target More Women Buyers

Harley – Davidson, the iconic American bike brand is known to most of us as cult bike – maker. The brand is totally associated with guys with well – built muscles, rock music and a beer bottle! But, off late the company has decided to concentrate on developing its presence among the fairer sex of Homo Sapiens.

harley davidson

Harley – Davidson, as a brand feels that more number of women are now enjoying the feel of biking and hence this would be a great potential to the brand if could be really tapped.

In a recent interview by Karen Davidson, the great – granddaughter of Harley Davidson co – founder William Davidson, “Women riders on Harley-Davidson are not unusual. It was unusual years back, when I used to ride it. But now it’s common.” Karen is also the Creative Director of Harley – Davidson Company. She also that almost one fourth of the registered owners of Harley – Davidson alone in the United States are women. She said, “We sell 12 per cent of our brand new bikes to women,”

She re – collected her own childhood where she used to fight with her own brothers to get her hands on Harley – Davidson.  “Women are empowered now and can enter politics, sports… When they can push themselves, why can’t they own this beautiful machine,” she said.

She is currently handing the profile of collecting feedback from Harley – Davidson owners across the globe that would enable the company to work on improvising the strategies as a whole. She also expressed her happiness on hearing that India has a small set of women Harley – Davidson riders.


When asked about the feel of the brand in India, she said, “In India, motorcycling has become a part of lifestyle,” she said, adding that these days Harley – Davidson bike is being purchased by the family – oriented people who look up to escape the hectic life on the weekends.

Bringing the fairer sex into the Bikers regime is indeed a great move on the whole and certainly deserves a special applause. Bring it on!

Thanks to Economic Times.

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