EXCLUSIVE: Hero Files Patent for ‘MAVRICK 440’ Name

Harley Davidson Mavrick 440 – Does this sound like a nice motorcycle name? There could be one in the making. Here we have the first chirps..

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Okay, so a lot of new ‘440’ motorcycles will be made – and sold under the Hero as well as the Harley brand. The first one X440 has received a pretty favorable response so far but that is before the deliveries – that start in a few months from now.

Just a couple of days back, we revealed that the next motorcycle on this platform could be the Nightster 440, as per a recent filing by Hero. Nightster is a new Harley sub-brand and spews out motorcycles in the company’s Sportster range. Which is a confirmation that the Nightster 440, whenever, it comes can not be sold in anything else apart from the Harley moniker.

harley davidson mavrick 440

Now, in another filing, Hero has also tried to protect ‘Mavrick 440‘ (not Maverick) moniker. The status of this application is ‘Formalities Chk Pass‘ which means Hero should be getting this patent sooner or later. This means that a motorcycle with this branding is also possible in the future from this joint venture. It has also applied for the ‘Mavrick’ moniker (without the 440 suffix).

As far as I know there is no Harley motorcycle that is sold under this Mavrick brand anywhere but yes there is a Harley Davidson dealer – Maverick Harley Davidson, somewhere in the USA. It, then, makes it difficult for us to understand who will use this moniker.

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However, a lifestyle-kind of name ‘Mavrick’ suits the Harley brand a little more, plus Hero may continue to use slightly more aggressive names for its motorcycles on this platform.

At this point, we have no clear idea what kind of a motorcycle can a sub-brand Mavrick spawn but this 440 platform is exciting and the motorcycles based on it should be interesting. For now, we have just received the confirmation of the Karizma’s launch date.