Harley Davidson to Launch Street 500/750 in Indonesia Tomorrow

Harley Davidson will be launching the India made Street 500/750 in Indonesia tomorrow. The company has put up a teaser website which also reveals the company’s pricing plans. The company is inviting enthusiasts to ‘Go on to the Street’ to start the party at a starting price of 219 million Indonesian Rupiah (Rs 11.03 lakhs).


We do not know of any official confirmation and are not sure if it will be the Street 500 and it may also be the 750 (one of the motorcycles can be identified as the street 750 thanks to the branding).

The Street 500 in Indonesia, if launched will be the cheapest Harley Davidson there and it is the smallest motorcycle they have built till now! It houses a twin cylinder Revolution X engine with both the cylinders mounted at 60 degree to each other, displace 494cc and produces 40Nm of torque at 3,500 rpm. The company even goes on to claim a mileage of 27.03 kmpl with a wet body weight of just 222kg.

The water cooled jacket tries hard to keep things cool around the engine and if the Street 750 does not turn out to be a big pain in the frigging Delhi heat, Indonesia should be a cake walk.


The 140/75 15 inch rear tire is pulled forward by a belt drive making things a lot simpler. The authentic Harley Davidson thump with smoking hot black coloured engine, exhaust muffler and wheel rims just make the ride sweeter.

The US based company is trying to expand its global footprint and newer markets like India and Indonesia get their prime focus. The company has launched quite a few products in India this year and it seems the time is now ripe for Indonesia.

So Indonesia, are you ready to ride?