Harley Davidson to Launch Custom Bike Builder Website

Harley Davison, one of the cult bike makers have something innovative to offer. All those Harley Davidson fans can now cheer up because for the first time Harley Davidson has come up with a jaw dropping concept of bike customization.

For this Harley has decided to launch a Bike Builder Website that will help people customize their bike as per their requirements. The new web portal is expected to kick start from February 4 2011 and will be called as HD-1 Bike Builder.

Yes, Harley Davidson has decided to make available custom made bikes to their consumers.

This means that consumers who are willing to buy a Harley Davidson can now customize their bike with a touch of a button. This concept was thought by seeing the car companies that offer their consumers with similar customized cars.

People who wish to buy a Harley Davidson can straight forward go to the Bike Builder Website and start customizing their bikes. As a consumer you will have almost 8000 parts in HD catalogue to choose from. After the customization part is done, one can ask the company to deliver the bike to their doorstep.

Bikers even have an option to take the help of the local dealer in getting their dream machines customized, if they are facing any problem while designing their bikes. As of now, all the details regarding the website aren’t released and thus we cannot say much about the HD-1 Bike Builder website. All we can say is that this move from Harley is one of the best and will push them ahead in competition.