Harley Davidson Concentrates on Indian Retail Market

Harley Davidson is one of the world’s known motorcycle brands. As per the latest news, Harley is concentrating on the Indian retail market too. Harley wants Indian retail market to absorb its merchandises that it manufactures aside from motorcycles. Its products include leather jackets, caps, gloves, boots, T-shirts, tops, key chains and mugs.

In short the US-based motorcycle company is looking towards Indian market to produce a large chunk of revenue. Mr. Anoop Prakash, managing director of the company said that they are looking at the Indian retail Industry to procure at least 5% of the average revenue compared to the global gateway.

Prakash also emphasized on the fact that the size of Indian retail is huge and growing, thus the company sees huge opportunity for its merchandises in India.

The company has ample of products to offer to the Indian market. The t-shirts are priced 1,500 and the jackets are priced from 15,000 to 25,000.

In the past year i.e. 2009 Harley’s global revenue alone from the merchandise segment was $282.2 million, which is lower by 10.1% compared to 2008. Overall, Harley Davidson is looking to establish the Indian retail industry and make good amount of money from their secondary source i.e. merchandising.

The company has till date inaugurated a total no of five dealerships in the country which will process the sales of the company’s products. The company is looking to establish more dealerships and retail outlets in the future.