Wish You a Happy New Year 2009

Today is just not another day. The first day of the year always gives us a feeling of a fresh start and a new beginning. It helps us forget our past and dream about the future.

Always look at a New Year as the day to put forward new desires and intentions. For this year my intentions are…

  • Cultivate the habit of walking/jogging minimum 3kms per day
  • Cultivate the habit of daily book-keeping of expenses
  • Have 5000 RSS readers for my blog
  • Have a bike enthusiast who will write regularly for BikeAdvice
  • Prepare for GMAT exam for 30 – 60 minutes every day (for my future MBA dream!)
  • Conduct big & exciting contests in BikeAdvice
  • Get exposure for this blog in the media (Newspaper/Magazine)

Thats it for me! What are your desires, dreams and intentions for 2009? Share it here. I once heard a great speaker say that we will acheive our goals quicker if we keep talking about them and tell it to other people!