Gixxer SF vs Xtreme 200S Drag Race: Surprising Results [Video]

Gixxer SF vs Xtreme 200S drag race results in this video will leave you surprised. Check it out..

In the affordable faired motorcycle segment, India has seen two new additions – Xtreme 200S from Hero and the new Gixxer SF 150 from Suzuki. While the Xtreme is a 200cc bike which produces 18.4 PS of peak power and 17.1 Nm of max torque, the Gixxer churns 14.1 PS of power and 14.0 Nm of torque from its 155cc air cooled engine.

There is not much of a weight difference between the two as the Hero tips the scale at 149 kg whereas the Gixxer is 146 kg heavy. Both the motorcycles are equipped with 5-speed gearboxes. So, shouldn’t it be really easy to guess the outcome of a drag race between these two bikes? We have landed upon an interesting video and let us watch by how big a margin the Xtreme wins? or does it…?

Gixxer SF vs Xtreme 200S Drag Race Video

Video credit – Shubham Yaduvanshi

Now, though not conclusive but these are very surprising results. In the first attempt, despite an early lead the Xtreme 200S is outrun by the much lower powered Gixxer SF at around the 120 kph mark. The best we could see on 200S’ odo was 121 kph. We got a feeling that the rider on the Gixxer was more crouched and hence he was able to outrun the Xtreme, which makes us go to the round two of this video where the rider’s were exchanged.

Xtreme 200S takes up a considerable lead in the initial few seconds of the race, but yet again the Gixxer catches up and at around 122-123 kph it overtakes the Hero’s faired commuter. We could see the SF doing top speeds of around 128 kph on the speedometer.

Gixxer sf vs Xtreme 200S
Hero has raised the prices of Xtreme 200S recently.

With a power difference of 4.3 PS ie over 23 percent and a torque advantage of 3.1 Nm or 18 percent and having a displacement advantage of almost 40-45 cc, the Xtreme shouldn’t have ideally lost this race. Rider exchange would have probably taken care of the 3 kg weight difference between these two machines.

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What do you think is the reason Gixxer SF outran Xtreme 200S?