Suzuki has shot in a press release sharing Gixxer SF ABS price…

Suzuki is keeping its thinktank on the heels and like many others, they are coming up with upgrades of their most popular Gixxer models very frequently. They recently introduced the fuel injected Gixxer SF and the 2017 BS4 version and now, for the festive season, they have on the menu – Gixxer SF with ABS.

Gixxer SF ABS – Key Pointers

  • Gixxer SF ABS will be a single-channel unit and will work only at the front wheel just like the Pulsar RS200. We have an official confirmation from the company on this.
  • Bookings of the ABS version have already commenced at Suzuki dealerships.
  • Suzuki is offering the ABS variant in both the FI as well as carburetor variants. And as we all know the naked Gixxer is NOT getting this tech, for now.

The specs of the motorcycle, that is 14.8 PS of peak power at 8000 rpm and 14 Nm of maximum torque at 6000 rpm from the 154.9 cc SOHC engine remain unaltered. Suzuki is offering the Gixxer SF ABS in Metallic Triton Blue and Glass Sparkle Black/Metallic Mat Black colour options for now. We already know that they will also launch a special edition of the motorcycle which will come with tri-colours (pictures on this page).

Gixxer SF ABS Price

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Gixxer SF ABS Price

Gixxer SF ABS Carb Rs 95,499
Gixxer SF ABS FI Rs 99,312

*prices ex-showroom Delhi

The non-ABS variants – Gixxer SF carb costs Rs 89,219 where the FI variant is priced at Rs 93,032. This means that Suzuki is charging only Rs 6280 extra for ABS which is phenomenal value for the kind of safety on offer!

Gixxer SF ABS
Upcoming Tri-Colour Gixxer SP

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Do note that it will become the first motorcycle in the segment to offer this safety tech. The motorcycle has already started reaching dealerships and deliveries must have commenced. It also remains to be seen how do other manufacturers react and we would not be surprised if we get to see ABS on other premium motorcycles in the segment. Nice move, Suzuki!

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  • Sarath Babu

    along with that, if suzuki has brains then they should put 60 watt head lamp with 8 amps battery. other wise it’s a scrap bike. when paying higher price there are some expectations too.

    • Rajshekhar

      cant we add 60 watt lamp with 8 amps battery aftermarket?

      • Sarath Babu

        why wasting money. if u see honda they don’t even have engine kill switch, dc electricals. my swift car disc pads cost is 750 for pair, while my honda trigger front disc pad cost is 1450 per piece. better to buy 200 ns for the same price .

      • Shashank

        Don’t do it, it will melt the wiring harness and damage the stator unit.

  • Shashank

    Now where are those people who criticized RS 200 for having single channel ABS?? Providing Dual channel ABS would be costly affair. Also Gixxer is following foot steps of Pulsars by using locally made spare parts. So it is rumor that locally made spare parts are inferior in quality.

    • Sarath Babu

      Brother the japs are hungry and thirsty for money. i agree their quality but with 1 lac suzuki should give at least liquid cooling engine with FI. they charge too much on spares too.

      • Shashank

        And nobody gave a damn to the oil cooling radiator of NS160 on the Motorbeam. most people said there was no use of oil cooler in NS160. lol..

  • Rathish Smith

    its too pricey for a 150 cc bike for a little more stretch of budget better with the fz250

  • Ankit Subehia

    Under 7k price increase and about a kg weight increase…Now that is nice