SPIED: Is That 250cc FZX or Off-Road Spec 2023 FZX…?

Is FZX25 launch on the cards? What is a better kitted, more off-road worthy FZX doing on the roads then? We discuss three possibilities…!

A new Yamaha motorcycle has been snapped somewhere in Kerala, reportedly under a TVC shoot. Only two close-up pics have been shared that makes it a little difficult for us to completely identify the upcoming model.

At first glance, it simply looks like an update to the FZ-X, however, that rear disc ABS sensor ring throws up more possibilities. Here are all the options that I can think of…

  • Possibility 12023 FZX – This could simply be the new 2023 FZ-X that may come with dual-channel ABS and few more features.
  • Possibility 2Special Edition FZX – This could be a new top of the line spec special FZX that Yamaha may be considering bringing. With dual-channel ABS and more off-road credentials it could sit at the top of the current FZX lineup.

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  • Possibility 3All-New FZX 25 – However, there is this bleak possibility of this being the 250cc version of the FZX that can be based on the existing FZ25 platform. However small but why this is a possibility is because it does not make a lot of logic for Yamaha to plonk a dual channel ABS unit (that will increase costs) on a motorcycle that 1) is not very powerful and 2) is already fairly high-priced. The 250cc FZ range is already offered with a dual channel ABS unit and the new FZX 25 can sit over the existing variants – at around Rs 1.55 to Rs 1.60 Lakh.
fzx25 launch

We can clearly see a big windscreen at the front along with a cover that safely houses the digital instrumentation. But notice two things – a raised front mudguard and what appear to be body-colored tank side frame (that can hold jerry cans and other stuff) – very similar to the Himalayan – that can offer more off-road credentials to this motorcycle.

A 250cc FZX with better off-road worthiness at around Rs 1.6 Lac is a better prospect…

Why are there no side blinkers is a question to us as well and then we can also see those Nissin branded brake calipers that the FZs come equipped with.

Finally, a scramblerish 250cc FZX with more off-road worthiness (dual channel ABS and other stuff) at around Rs 1.60 lac looks like a better preposition that a better kitted (with more features) 150cc FZX at around Rs 1.40 Lac! What do you think…?

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