LEAKED: FZ-Rival Suzuki Gixxer Specs & Power Output Revealed

Suzuki’s surprise product 150cc Gixxer has caught everyone’s fancy! Targeted squarely at the Yamaha FZ in the premium 150cc segment, Gixxer was officially unveiled just a few days before the Auto Expo.


It was showcased again at the Auto Expo but Suzuki has, so far, kept its specifications a top secret here in India. But according to a new report at otomotif.kompass.com, the power and torque details of the upcoming motorcycle are here.

Though they do not make up for a very interesting read, but still they are fairly decent numbers coming from a manufacturer who has really been not interested in our market.

According to the report, upcoming Gixxer produces 13.9PS of power output and a maximum torque of 13.4Nm from its 150cc single cylinder SOHC air cooled carbureted engine. Not really earth-shattering but they are just about what we had expected from Suzuki Motorcycles India and this also clears that Gixxer’s 150cc engine is the same as GS150R, with some possible tweaks.

Considering that Indonesia will most probably get the Gixxer from India, there are all the chances of these specs being absolutely same for the Indian model.


Gixxer Specs Against current FZ and GS150R:

In comparison with its sibling GS150R, Gixxer produces the same power and torque outputs but there would be certain tweaks on the more stylish Gixxer, as we assume. The bigger difference here is that Otomotif guys have listed a 5-speed gearbox powering the Gixxer whereas the GS150R comes with a 6-speed transmission.

If this goes true, we can expect a more sprightly performance considering that Suzuki will have to spread all the power and torque in one gear less. This will also mean there will be no overdrive 6th gear and hence fuel efficiency figures will not be as fantastic as GS150R.


On paper, Gixxer’s figures almost match up with FZ, the differences being just 0.1PS and 0.2Nm. But the difference would definitely be in the fuel efficiency figures. And…as a response to Gixxer, FZ is coming in its version 2 which is touted to get a fuel injector as well as a higher power output. This is certain to cause some ripples in the premium 150cc segment.

Launch of Gixxer is expected very soon, within a couple of months and if Suzuki can price it well, we have an interesting preposition in the making.

Not only the new FZ, there are a couple of more motorcycles which will compete with Gixxer. Check out the list here.

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