Fuel Prices Hiked Marginally

Petrol prices went through a marginal hike on 9th September to compensate for revision of dealer margins. The hike is to the tune of 10 paisa for Petrol and 8 paisa for Diesel. This hike comes after the government hiked petrol prices by Rs 3.50, Diesel prices by Rs 2 in June earlier this year.

Current prices in Delhi stand at Rs.51.53 for petrol and Rs 40.18 for Diesel; in Kolkata Rs 55.42 for petrol and Rs 40.02 for Diesel; in Mumbai Rs 55.98 for petrol and 42.06 for Diesel and in Chennai Rs. 55.02 and Rs. 40.15 for diesel.

Dealer commission was raised from Rs 1125 per kiloliter to Rs 1218 per kiloliter for petrol and from Rs 673 to Rs. 757 for every kiloliter for Diesel. Dealers have threatened to go for an indefinite nationwide strike from September 20 with demands for an upward revision and a proper rule to set the commission based in line with full deregulation of petrol and partial for diesel.

On the contrary, based on unconfirmed reports Shell has dropped prices of its unleaded and premium petrol along with giving away a few toy scale models as gifts. This promotional activity might be limited to some cities only. – Saad Khan