Fuel Injected Gixxer SF to Get Different Power; List of 3 Changes With Carb Version

Suzuki at the Auto Expo may have been a little disappointing without the presence of any new models but the announcement of more armoury for their existing best sellers is a welcome move for all of you who are considering buying one, specially from the Gixxer family. In case you are unaware, both the Gixxer 155 naked and Gixxer SF faired are set to gain rear disc brakes and the SF will also get fuel injection in addition to that.

We managed to have a word with Mr Suresh Babu, National Head, Product Planning and Development, Suzuki Motorcycle India, and have gotten a few more sneaking bits which were not announced at the press meet.

  • The fuel injected Gixxer SF will be launched in the ‘coming months’. We believe it will be within 2-3 months!
  • He confirmed that the bike will have a power output difference from the existing carburetted version.
  • The existing rear drum brake and carburetted version of the motorcycles will continue to be on sale.

Suzuki-Gixxer-SF-FI-Rear-Disc-Brakes (1)

The Gixxer SF at present produces 14.8 PS of peak power. A change in output should only mean an increase but it will be marginal, most probably under 1 PS. I expect it to be between 15-15.5 PS or thereabout for the Gixxer SF FI.

Gixxer SF – New Variants Expected Prices

The current Gixxer SF costs between 94K to 96K. So the rear disc brake version of the Gixxer SF can be expected to be priced around Rs 97,000-98,000. The FI version of the bike (with the rear disc) will surely cross that 1 Lakh price barrier. I expect it to be close to or slightly higher than  to Rs 1.05 Lakhs fully loaded. (all prices ex-showroom Delhi)

This is where the main problem actually lies – At this price tag Gixxer SF FI will come precariously close to the much more advanced R15 and it will be interesting to see how do the buyers respond.

Suzuki Gixxer SF Red Rear Disc
Gixxer SF will now also be available in this red colour

The inclusion of fuel injection may also mean a slight increase in fuel economy which is already impressive. In fact, in regular riding style we have managed to extract around 50 kmpl from our long termer, consistently.

Gixxer FI vs Carb: Changes

Summing it up, in essence here are the changes….

  • In terms of looks, nothing has changed. Only the graphics get a little more of that fluorescent green.
  • Slight power difference due to the fuel injector (officially confirmed by Suzuki).
  • Minor increment in fuel efficiency is also expected.
  • Suzuki has already announced that Gixxer SF FI will be available in MotoGP Edition which means the regular carbed MotoGP Edition, in all probability, will get discontinued.

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Apart from that the Fuel injected SF is expected be marginally quicker in performance. Suzuki that’s perfectly fine, but where is your 250cc?