Finally, Triumph Speaks! Confirms Street Triple Was 79PS From Day One

In an official word, Triumph has communicated and confirmed that some of the motorcycles sold in India have always been sold detuned! The press release quite casually reads as – Specification Update on India Website.

Triumph Street Triple

They say that the specs before the recent update on Triumph’s Indian website displayed European specifications of their motorcycles and a disclaimer was put up somewhere under ‘Terms and Conditions’ section of the website.

Here are the important pointers that the official statement confirms:

  1. This is for the first time Triumph has officially spoken about this issues.
  2. Only the motorcycles imported here as CKDs (Completely Knocked Down) are detuned and the CBUs (Completely Built Units) continue with the same specs, without any alteration.
  3. The reason they have given is – “The testing processes in India and UK are different, which leads to variations in the calculation of power output in PS.”
  4. The Street Triple sold in India has always been the 79PS version (according to ARAI test certificate). And according to Triumph it churns out 85PS of power.
  5. The also said that all their motorcycles sold in India are of similar specifications which they sell globally, with “few minor variations to comply with Indian regulations”.
  6. Apart from this Triumph has also seeked some time and promises to revert back on the same.

We are unsure of what really is cooking even after this confirmation. What is the actual issue of this detuning? If this is due to the bad/inconsistent fuel quality, why are the CBUs not affected?

Nonetheless, this is a very tricky situation Triumph is currently in and they should not take it lightly. A few customers who have booked a Triumph in India have contacted us because of this issue and have withheld their purchases to wait for a proper solution from the company. Let us wait and see what their next update is…