Fazer 250 – Front Revealed in New Spy Pics: Six Things You Should Know

So, the next big launch from one anticipated manufacturer is the Fazer 250. Unless, you have lived under the caves for the last few weeks, you would know about the motorcycle. But here is a quick recapture and the new details about the motorcycle and its new spy pics that have surfaced; credit – Malkeet2017 at Instagram.

  • Front Revealed – This is the first time the front of the motorcycle has been revealed in a spy shot. What transpires is that Yamaha has even carried over the headlamp design of the FZ25. Yes, the shape and most probably the form will be the same. What has changed is the location and design of the pilot lamp. While it is a tiny puddle unit on top of the headlamp on the FZ, on the Fazer 250 the pilot lamps have been crafted in the fairing on either side of the main headlamp. The part above the headlamp is taped and kind of camouflaged but it may just be plastic/fibre. Over it, is the visor, which is small, but bigger than FZ’s unit.

  • RVMs – Why Fazer 250 will provide a better view of the rear is because of – one, the RVMs (rear view mirrors) are mounted on the fairing and two, they have longer stalks than FZ. In fact, the design of the mirrors is also different.

  • Instrument Cluster – The instrument cluster has been carried over unchanged as well. Though the information provided through the console is adequate and legible, the overall unit looks dull as we have also mentioned in our detailed review of the quarter liter.

  • Same Oil Cooling – You may question – a full faired quarter liter motorcycle will come with better cooling tech? But no, Fazer 250 retains the oil cooling technology of the naked FZ, as can be ascertained by those running oil pipes.

  • Fazer 250 Launch – Though there is nothing specific from Yamaha on this but two pointers reveal that it will be introduced in the coming few months. One, we have seen Yamaha launch its motorcycles soon after its spottings on the roads, so these will be the final validations this Fazer 250 is going through. Two, festive season will provide a nice launchpad for the faired motorcycle and it can build on the good traction built by the FZ25.
  • Price – Few days back we analysed that the price difference between the 150cc FZ and Fazer is approximately 7 percent. Extrapolating a similar figure on to the 250cc range, Fazer 250 is expected to be priced around Rs 1.27 to 1.30 Lakh for the non-ABS variant bang around the throat of Bajaj’s Pulsar RS200. If there is a premium ABS variant (highly unlikely though), it could cost Rs 1.50 or thereabouts!

Yamaha has been selling good number of FZ25’s in India and Fazer will only add to the tally. But what we are more keen on understanding is – how has Yamaha tuned the Fazer differently, to enhance its touring credentials…

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