Fastrack Launches Trendy Biker Helmets; Wear Them Now!

Fastrack of watches, jewellery and eye-wear renown is expanding its portfolio to include helmets as one of its products. The helmets are priced between Rs 1495/- and Rs 3495/- and will be available for sale at exclusive Fastrack stores across the country and Amazon India.

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Thankfully, the life-saving property of this important piece of biking accessory is slowly being recognized in our country and manufacturers are all ready to serve the demand. Very recently we have been reading how Steelbird is getting aggressive in the market. Competition also means the helmets finally are shunning the usual grey-black hues and are now being manufactured in eye-catching shades and colours.

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According to a communiqué from the Fastrack, their range of helmets has 24 different variants for guys and girls in various colors and attractive graphics to making them look good on your head.

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Speaking at the launch function, Mr. Bhaskar Bhat, Managing Director, Titan Company Limited, said that his company recognizes India as a country with highest number of 2-wheelers and the fact that the helmet market presently is unorganized and under-served. According to him, the organized sector serves just 45% of the customers, hence Fastrack’s move into this new business.

Mr. Ronnie Talati, Vice President and CMO of Titan Company also affirmed his company’s foray into the new business category by stating the importance of wearing of helmet by bikers and Fastrack’s new helmet range as a fashion statement. He sounded hopeful that the young bikers will find the Fastrack helmets as a protective gear as well as something that makes a statement about the one who is wearing it.

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These Fastrack helmets are ISI certified and if you are out looking to get a new one do check out their new range. It is an interesting move by Fastrack considering the brand pull it has with the hip crowd of the country and we hope young motorists (note: NOT ‘bikers’; because bikers wear helmets ALWAYS!) start wearing these trendy helmets, even if it is for the purpose of a fashion statement!

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