Faired Gixxer Looks Smashing in White: To Be Called Gixxer SF

After a couple of hits and misses, it seems the original name of the upcoming faired Gixxer is out and going by the following pic, it will be called as Gixxer SF! New spyshots from Gaadiwaadi.com reveal the Gixxer SF in white and it looks smashing good!

Suzuki Gixxer SF 1

The earlier blue Gixxer SF carried bigger Suzuki logo on the sides, whereas this one carries a very small sticker on the fairing and rest of the motorcycle is nude white, which we love!

Suzuki Gixxer SF 2

Even though Suzuki’s competition does not have any fully faired competition (the R15 is slotted a pedestal higher than this, CBR150R is not in contention!) the Gixxer SF is intended to pick up its fight against the semi-faired Fazer, upcoming Adventure Pulsar 150AS and possibly create a new segment of its own!

Suzuki Gixxer SF 3

A look at the above pic and it gets abundantly clear that the fairing will add a lot of weight to the looks of the bike and India being a fairing-crazy nation, the faired Gixxer SF is expected to outsell the naked Gixxer, obviously if priced sensibly.

If the engine and other specs of the bike remain same, we do not expect this Gixxer SF to carry a premium of anything more than Rs 4000-5000 over the streetfighter!