Roaming around in Pune does prove fruitful, especially when you are roaming around for literally nothing! Similarly, I just headed out on the roads and incidentally a ‘commuter’ looking bike zipped passed by with a testing number plate. I suddenly shifted gears, but it did take some effort for my Pulsar 220 (with pillion) to catch hold of this bike on the Mumbai Pune highway.

Talking about this bike, frankly speaking, considering this bike as ‘Discover’ could be considered as speculation for the time being. But the following points make me convinced.

Why Discover?

  • Bajaj has promised a ‘commuter bike’ along with Pulsar 200NS very soon. This should be the ‘commuter bike’ Bajaj must be talking about.
  • Bajaj considers Pulsars as sports bikes and ‘Discover’ as its commuter bike.
  • According to the size of this bike, it doesn’t look like a Pulsar!
  • The engine also doesn’t seem to be bigger!

  • Possess a disc brake cover which resembles so much to the current discover. Also this is a smaller disc and not the regular 240mm found on general Pulsars.
  • The silencer, although new, also looks belonging to a commuter bike
  • The non-presence of clip-ons and presence of Discover-like handlebar along with very similar switchgear
  • Rear Brake light resembles so much to the current discovers

OK, so from now we would refer to this bike as the next generation Discover.
Come up with more if you can spot any from the spy pics posted here.

What could be made out from the pics

  • Gas Filled Monoshock: The first surprise is the introduction of mono-shocks on a commuter bike that too gas filled Bajaj’s Nitrox.
  • New or Modified Chassis: As a result of monoshock, Bajaj would either have changed the complete chassis assembly else would have modified it to accommodate the weight distribution of monoshock on it.
  • New Silencer: The silencer on the bike is new with an aluminum tip and a chrome plated heat shield
  • Aluminum coated footpegs
  • Newly designed mudguards; there are actually 3 of them. One protecting the mono-shock and the other two protecting the rear slush of mud. I am not sure if Bajaj would do away one of these two.
  • Redesigned and normal grab rails: Thank God its not ‘Bajaj’s split! I have a horrifying time on my 220s split grabrails.
  • More Flowing Rear Design: Although, it is hidden, but it seems that the rear panels and whole designing would be more contoured.
  • Sculpted tank: This is the most startling thing for me. The tank has been sculpted and looks to be much bigger than the current Discover’s tanks.
  • Console: While we can make out the rounded pod which seems to be the tachometer (hovering just around the red line), the one following is the analogue fuel meter. The one which is not visible should be a digital speedometer.
  • The rear view mirrors are trapezoidal and look to offer a better view (from my experience on these kind)
  • Rear tyre was a thin 3.0 (most probably Eurogrip)
  • Pointed indicators taken from Pulsar 135
  • More contoured seat
  • Half chain cover
  • Pulsar 200 like alloy wheels
  • Powerful engine: I had a tough time chasing this bike and when it started from a slow speed (due to a turn), the acceleration was pretty good. A few pics have been taken at speeds hovering around 110 on my Pulsar 220.

If there is anything else you could make out do point out in the comments below. We will come up with more information about this bike as we get to hear anything concrete.
Keep tuned to BikeAdvice for first hand info and more such scoops, as they happen!

Saad Khan
Team BikeAdvice

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  1. Anyway dere is gonna be thda trademark juggling rear typical of bajaj lol
    and plz bajaj put sum food 2 dscver it looks as if starved 4 years lol

    • The pics are right there. They are in high resolution, so it may take time to load. I may in some cases fail to load on mobiles and tablets.

  2. hmmm…the front number plate seems to be placed on the headlight fairing, which looks more like current Discover with its typical curved fairing(I mean, the top portion of the headlight fairing)

  3. i am sure this is from bajaj and some or other model will be of bajaj will disconnected.. and that person will brake there money and can not be able to sell his bike at a good price .. i believe bajaj should stop this policy… look at the honda .. as on data CB unicron is running like bread and butter and there is waiting period of 2 month … becoz they have maintained quality .. .. not quantity

  4. Its nt XCD, XCD was a nightmare for Bajaj. Thay wud never think of relaunching it. Do u know, the Pulsar 135 we are seeing today was to be launched as XCD Sprint, but Bajaj renamed it as Pulsar, just to come back. So, its nt XCD, maybe Sonic, or maybe upgraded Discover. Lets keep the fingers crossed

  5. Looks very much like copy of gladiator. Silencer end, aluminium footpegs, the part above the drivers footpegs, grabrails, etc., YAMAHA should sue BAJAJ 😛

  6. To all the readers…
    Is it really possible to ride a p220 at a speed of 120 kmph for 4 hrs constantly??
    Or will the engine face over-heating problems??
    Plz reply.. I really need to know this.. Its very necessary and urgent..

    • @ Rakesh – It is very much possible to ride the P220 DTSi constantly at 120 kmph and above for 4-5 hours, the engine will not give up on the rider, P220 was meant to be ridden at prolonged high speeds.

    • i have ridden my P220 @120kmph for an hour continuously.. but after that i felt heavy noise from engine.. so stopped for a while (about 15-20min), and started again to ride.. but this time @100kmph for 1.5 hours.. no problem in that.. also engine overheat indicator not even blinked for a time..

  7. Take the p135 design put a 200cc borrowd engine and sell it for 90k.the best way to fool the customers.i pity the customers who buys this which hardly lasts 2 years


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