5 Sneaking Bits About KTM’s New 800cc Twin Including Power Output [Exclusive]

India loves KTM. Ever since the Bajaj angle came into play, their single cylinder motorcycles have been the talk of the town. The company then decided to take things to the next level with new twin cylinder mid-sized motors. While there are rumoured to be two new middleweights, today we are going to reveal some new and exclusive sneaking bits about the KTM 800 twin.

The bike has been spotted for a number of times and is expected to be unveiled officially at the EICMA, the planet’s biggest motorcycle show. With the definition of middleweight moving on to the 800 cc and higher borderline, it was inevitable that KTM too made that move. However, moving away from tradition KTM has made quite a few changes. Here is a list of some real interesting bits that have hit our ears regarding the 800 twin…

  • Our sources reveal that the KTM 800 twin will have a power output of around 110 hp. Just for your information, Duke 690’s single cylinder mill churns out 72 horses. This gives them a real long gap between the two motorcycles. (But where would the 500 twin be placed?) On the higher side, the maniac Super Duke R with its 1,301 cc V-twin mill belts out 170 bhp!
  • It will have a direct frame mounted rear shock absorber (non-link type).  Non-link type setup helps on the cost front.
  • Anchors will be sourced from Brembo.
  • The dry weight will be on the lower side of 200 kilos.
  • The parallel twin will have a 270-degree crank angle to give the feel of a V-twin (270 degree straight twins also emit sound identical to a V-twin). Yes, this would be their first parallel twin but looks like they are not deviating far from eh?

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The Austrian bike maker had also confirmed that they will bring out an adventure version (spy pics here) on the same platform/engine which will be launched at a later date.