Electric 2-Wheeler Sales – July 2021: Hero Electric Tops

Electric 2-wheeler sales for the month of July also present an overall rosy picture. With new makers joining in, rankings are expected to change…

FADA, Federation of Automobile Dealers Associations, has released its monthly sales report which also includes electric vehicles in the month of July 2021. For sales of conventional IC engined 2-wheelers head to this story. This quick one is only for 2-wheeler EVs.

Also note that these are actual retail sales and not company dispatch numbers – which means these are the more reliable numbers. However, it only includes sales of high-speed products since low-speed 2-wheelers (capable of doing under 25 kph) are not required to be registered for road use.

So, here are the numbers…

Electric 2-Wheeler Sales July 2021

Two-Wheeler OEM JUL’21 Market Share
JUL’21JUL’20 Market Share
PUR ENERGY PVT LTD 1,3170.12%240.00%
ATHER ENERGY PVT LTD 1,7990.16%1440.02%
OKINAWA AUTOTECH PVT LTD 2,5800.23%4090.05%

There is another row – Other including EV which comprises 3340 units. The market share is overall, including IC-engine 2-wheelers.

electric 2-wheeler sales
Like its sister brand Hero MotoCorp, Hero Electric also leads in the electric vehicle business… at the moment!

Hero Electric leads the sales tally with top sales figures. As compared to last year’s sales which got hit by COVID, Hero Electric has done really well in terms of sales.

Other popular names such as Okinawa and Ather Energy are also seeing upswing in their numbers.

Look at those total numbers – almost 10k electric 2-wheelers registered against less than 1k last year in the months of July! This shows the insane adoption rate of EVs in the country.

electric 2-wheeler sales
With new makers like Ola joining in, rankings are expected to change in the coming months…

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With rising fuel prices and high taxation on ICEs, and multiple benefits, people are gradually turning to electric vehicles. These numbers are expected to sky-rocket in the months to come.

These numbers are collated from 1305 RTOs out of total 1519 across the country.