Electric 2-Wheeler Sales For April 2022 – Ola Top Seller, Hero Electric Falls Below Okinawa

Electric 2Wheeler sales are in and Ola did really well, while Hero Electric falls… Other remain in the same positions as last month…

The Indian customer is adapting really quickly to the changing norm where Electrically powered vehicles are coming up rapidly as the new mobility solution in the world. 

Higher percentage of the youth population who are very adaptable to new technology along with surging fuel prices have led to a significant rise in the electric two-wheeler sales. 

With new makers like Ola joining in, all other makers are now on their toes…

However, numerous recent incidents of fires have shaken the confidence of current and prospective customers. Have and will these incidents affect the sales of electric two-wheelers??? The monthly numbers might hold the answers. 

Let’s take a look at how the major players fared in the month of April 2022.  

Year-over-Year Sales

There has been shift in positions for the ranking of manufacturers for April 2022. Ola Electric is at the top, while Hero Electric falls to the 3rd position. 

  • Ola Electric –  Occupying the top rank, Ola Electric sold 12,691 units in April 2022. However, the sales fell nearly 2,300 units short of their aim to sell 15,000 scooters in April 2022. 

Since, this is their first year of delivering their e-scooters and are following ‘direct-to-customer’ sales model. Therefore, these numbers are based on the registrations that have occurred during the month of March on the VAHAN portal. 

  • Okinawa Autotech – Okinawa Autotech sold the second most electric two-wheelers once again. They saw a jump of 441.44% YoY, expanding from 1,530 units last year to 8,284 units sold in March 2022. 
  • Hero Electric – Hero Electric sold the 3rd most electric two-wheelers in April 2022, falling two places from previous top position. They posted a growth of 922.08% YoY. The units sold jumped from 643 units in April 2021 to 6,572 units in April 2022.
  • Ampere Vehicles – No change in position, Ampere occupies 4th position and saw a growth of 770.71%, growing to 65,39 units from 751 units sold in the same month last year. 
  • Ather Energy – Sales of Ather Energy expanded by 108.83%, growing from 1,064 units sold last year to 2,222 units registered in April 2022. 
  • Revolt Intellicorp –  Selling the least among all the manufacturers, Revolt showed a growth of 797.83%, selling only 1,239 units in April 2022. 

Month-over-Month Sales

Other than Hero Electric & Revolt, all the electric manufacturers again showed good growth looking MoM. 

  • Ola Electric – MoM Ola Electric saw the highest sales among all the manufacturers. Their sales grew by 77.01%, growing from 9,121 units sold in March 2022. 
  • Okinawa Autotech – Okinawa saw a 39.86% rise in sales when compared to March 2022 sales. They sold 8,284 units in March. 
  • Hero Electric – Hero Electric is one of the manufacturers whose sales dipped MoM. Hero Electric saw contraction of 49.54%.
ManufacturerApril 2022March 2022% Change 
Ola Electric12,6919,121 +77.01%
Okinawa Autotech11,0128,284+39.86%
Hero Electric6,57213,023-49.54%
Ampere Vehicles6,5396,338+133.57%
Ather Energy2,4452,222+10.04%
Revolt Intellicorp1,2391,409-12.07%
  • Ampere Vehicles – Ampere’s sales were in the green MoM. They saw the highest rise MoM and rose by 133.57% compared to the previous month. 
  • Ather Energy – Ather Energy was also in green MoM. It grew the least, just by10.04%, rising from 2,222 units sold in March 2022. 
  • Revolt Intellicorp – Occupying the last position in sales, Revolt is the second one to see a dip in sales MoM. Their numbers were down by 12.07%, decreasing from 1,409 units sold in March 2022.