EICMA 2010: Yamaha Worldcrosser Concept

Yamaha Motor Corporation showed its concept motorcycle World crosser in the EICMA 2010 at Milan. The concept World crosser is rumored to be a possible future contender of the title of Super Tenere.

Fully-equipped with an exclusive range of lightweight chassis components, this high-specification machine is designed for adventurous riders who want a supremely capable motorcycle for the toughest global challenge.

The Yamaha World Crosser concept also features a full navigation and GPS suite integrated behind the tall front screen, ideal if you ever plan on navigating vast open spaces with few visible landmarks.

It’s yet unclear if Yamaha will actually sell the World Crosser, but some of its features could be marketed for those who want to upgrade their Super Tenere.

Speaking of the Super Tenere, the bike boasts various high-tec innovations, such as traction control, ABS and a 270-degree, 1,199cc 115 bhp parallel twin engine, among others.

The bike’s traction control system offers three operating modes. Firstly, TCS1 is the standard mode and will intervene whenever the rear wheel starts losing grip. Secondly, TCS2 has a lesser effect to allow small slippage of the back during an off-road style riding and last, the system can be completely disabled (OFF).

By creating the Worldcrosser concept model, Yamaha has underlined the true spirit of the Super Ténéré. With the addition of a few specialist components and the replacement of some of the standard parts, this rugged adventure bike is ready for the most exciting off road adventure.

– Mahavir Kothari