Will You Buy KTM Duke 390 at INR 5.25 Lakh? Well…Singaporeans Will!

Anxious Street Acrobats are now one step closer to their bigger and badder Hooligan. The KTM Duke 390 has been launched in Singapore, and we do know that the next stop is India, pretty soon!


A Google search of “KTM Singapore” will throw up the KTM Singapore’s official website as the first hit. A casual glance revealed the prices of all available KTM models in Singapore Dollars.

Here are the website-listed prices of the KTM Duke 200 and its sibling Duke 390.

  • Duke 200 – 10,600 SGD
  • Duke 390 – 11,900 SGD

These prices are on-road prices, they include ARF (Additional Registration Fee) as well as GST (Goods and Services Tax), which is a part of the tiered-tax structure of Singapore.

A quick conversion search showed us 1 Singapore dollar = 44.0573 Indian rupees. Going by the assumed rates, here are the converted prices of both the oddballs.

  • KTM Duke 200 :- 10600 Singapore dollars ~ 4,67,007 INR
  • KTM Duke 390 :- 11900 Singapore dollars ~5,24,105 INR

Surprised, aren’t you?

The next question you might want to ask is, “Do these prices have any resemblance with what we will get in India?” ¬†Our answer is – NO!

Further, considering that Duke 200 sells for approximately 1.5 Laks on road in India which is 3 times lesser than Singapore’s price, Duke 390 might come at just 1.7 Lakhs!!! Even that is not gonna happen!

There is a lot which goes into deciding the prices of a particular bike for a particular country like the production source, country’s tax policies, competition, intended placement, expected sales etc. It is not a mere conversion from one currency to another.

Though the prices are still not out and neither is the bike, we expect it to cost somewhere close to 2.4-2.5 Lakh in India. And if you are still engaged in crossing off the dates on that calendar, let us inform you that the official launch is going to happen in a matter of a few weeks from now.

Even at the expected prices we have quoted, the goodies which it offers are amazing. You get a liquid-cooled fuel injected mill that churns out 44 ponies, and sits nestled in a brawny looking, exposed frame that has so become the signature of KTM. Unlimited eyeballs are guaranteed by the use of the trademark KTM Tongue-in-Cheek styling, and its end can does sing in a notable way too!

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