Ducati Streetfighter Crosses 220 Kmph in a Drag Race

Drag races are still considered to be the best way to estimate a bike’s potential. It could be observed in most of the cases that the bikes running along these drags are modified in such a way that they handle just these straight strips of roads brilliantly; so brilliant that these bikes are made just to cater this need.

This short 3.5 minutes video here features a drag ready Ducati Streetfighter which crosses a speed of 220 kmph (138 mph) in the shortest possible time. The front mounted camera makes this recording possible. For sure, this Italian horse is modified exclusively for this task. A closer observation will also reveal the fact that the Service light on the instrument cluster is glowing!

This particular video is so damn brilliant that it makes the viewers feel as if it is they who are actually on the rider’s seat. Just sit back and enjoy this video and don’t forget to turn on the speakers. It gives you the real feel, you know!

Author – BikeAdvice.in