Ducati Starts Production in Italy After 1.5 Months

It has been an extremely harrowing time for each and every individual or corporate in the world. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused disastrous impacts with people locked down inside homes and factories and manufacturing coming to a standstill.

However, now with things looking slightly (only slightly) better, countries are opening up economies so that the devastation can be minimized. Ducati has commenced production at its Borgo Panigale factory in Italy from today. Based on the Government’s advisory it was shut since March 13, 2020.

Things will start slowly with only the important production line personnel present inside the factory for now. Instead of an eight hour shift, the factory will run two seven hour shifts which will ensure lesser chances of possible workmen contact. The canteen will also be functional however, it will have one seat for every four chairs.

Technicians involved in the Research & Development activities, engineers performing motorcycle tests and laboratory tests will continue to be present in the factory.

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Ducati is very hopeful of this ‘phase two’ post the Corona pandemic. It says it has lot of orders of the Streetfighter V4, Mutistrada GT and the Panigale V2. Moreover, makers feel that buying sentiments will improve because of social distancing regime and people will prefer to travel on their own vehicles instead of public transport.