Ducati Extends Technical Partnership with Shell Upto 2013

Ducati, one of the most appreciated sport bikes brand, announces the extension of their technical partnership with Shell till the end of 2013.Ducati has especially made an announcement in this regard and both the companies are happy with this decision. This means that Ducati will continue using Shell advanced lubricants and Shell V-fuel for the latest Desmosedici bikes to be used in the upcoming Moto GP.

Furthermore, Shell Advance will continue to be the first fill in lubricant for every Ducati bike that leaves their factory at Bologna. This relationship extension has made both the company focus on delivering the best out of them.

Over the years, Shell has enjoyed their successful relationship with Ducati. Shell was with Ducati first in the World Superbike Championships then it also supported Ducati’s Bologna team in the Moto GP 2003. So you can say that this Shell-Ducati tie up is a decade old and they will continue to support each other till the end of 2013 season. The team was very successful since inception as the team (Ducati-Shell) has won 31 races. The partnership between two biggies has won many titles in Moto GP and World Superbike Championships.

Traci Alford (Shell Lubricants, Global General Manager) said that both the companies have enjoyed partnership since past 11 years and in the time Shell lubricants and Ducati grew from strength to strength. She further said that Shell is not only the first preferred lubricant for Ducati but is also the first choice of the consumers all around the world. She also said that Shell is a company that keeps working on its lubricants and thus one can expect much developed products from the company in the near future.

Mr. Filippo Preziosi, Director General, Ducati said that the company is thrilled to have extended the partnership with Shell and will continue using their products both for the Moto GP and also for the factory. He also said that there is a subtle performance advantage invoked when the bikes are lubricated with Shell Advance lubricants and Shell V-Power fuels. At last he said that this partnership extension will only do good for both the companies.

Mr. Michael Knaak, project leader, Shell said that Ducati bikes are well tuned and good for racing and this gives the time to test Shell Lubricants in varied climate conditions. He also said that the commercial lubricant is at par with the racing oil and thus consumers also get a taste of racing lubricants. All in all, this looks like the beginning of Ducati’s new era. First they bagged Valentino Rossi and now Shell Lubricants. Let us wait and see how far they go.