Ducati & Royal Enfield Set to Open Production Facilities in Thailand and Brazil

Ducati and Royal Enfield are definitely one of the preferred brands when it comes to motorcycles. As per the latest news, both the humongous brands are set to expand their production by opening their production facilities in different parts of the world.

Ducati is opening up their plant facility in Thailand and Royal Enfield is set to explore Brazilian soil by opening a production facility there.

So let us get deep in to the facts of this news, Ducati’s new facility in Thailand is set to produce Bologna Bullets from the Southeast Asian countries.

On one hand it seems like good news, while on the other the union workforce of the company is worried that the work is shifted overseas. Duacti has already made it clear that this new facility in Thailand will be used to manufacture motorcycles for the rising economies like India, China and other South East Asian Countries.

Ducati has decided to open this plant in Thailand as to compete with its Asian competitor like Honda, Yamaha, KTM and others holding major market share. News has it that Ducati may also lower down the prices of their famous sports masterpieces. However, there is no confirmation as regards price reduction. All in all, one can now hope to see more Ducati’s manufactured and rolled over to India.

On the contrary, Royal Enfield has also decided to open a plant facility at Brazil. This will help them to produce efficient number of bikes so that the demand can be properly satisfies. Royal Enfield is facing shortage blues and this plant may be a boon for the company.

Mr. R.L Ravichandra (board member and executive director at Eicher motors) said that they are evaluating and deciding on a contract manufacturing route so that the facility could easily be set ion Brazil. He further said that the presence in Brazil would help the company conquer Latin American markets as well. He said that Latin American markets are quite similar to Indian markets because both the countries are having almost similar sales figures.

Mr. Ravichandra said that the company is indulged in talks with some famous and capable contract manufacturing firms and will begin assembling units in less than two years. At last he added that it made no sense that a player like Royal Enfield locked up funds in an independent production facility in Brazil thus they have decided to keep the facility on a contract basis. The waiting period for some classic models could continue as there in no extra capacity in the Chennai plant. However, Ravichandra said that the company is looking to the state of Tamilnadu and Andhra Pradesh for a plant facility.