Driving License Tests to Get Tougher; 69% Minimum Pass Percentage

Driving License tests are being made more stringent to ensure only qualified and smart riders/drivers are allowed on the roads…

Each and every road user curses fellow drivers and riders when on the road simply because we do not have proper traffic sense. If someone is doing something wrong on the road, chances are that he is not aware of what is right. And hence, ignorance is probably the biggest threat on our roads.

And the solution for that is to have a robust licensing system so that it prevents anyone and everyone to be on the road with his motorcycle or car and be a potential threat for everyone. Things have definitely improved in the last decade or so but we are still very casual about driving licenses.

In what comes as a positive news, our current Road Transport and Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari has made the process of obtaining a driving license stricter. He says that passing percentage at all the country’s RTOs has been made 69 percent. He added that the objective of conducting driving skill test is to filter qualified drivers who understand what needs to be done on the road.

driving license tests
Road Transport and Highways Minister – Nitin Gadkari

He gave an example that applicants will have to demonstrate proper skills and reasonable accuracy now while reversing a vehicle.

There are educative videos and instructions that are shown to applicants once they apply for licenses apart from live demonstrations on the driving track. Authorized training institutes are set up which impart correct knowledge and training.

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Steps are being taken to ensure only skilled and qualified riders/drivers occupy our roads. It is also upto us to follow traffic guidelines and rules so that our roads become better places to be on.

Source – ET Auto