Dressing for The Perfect Biker

You’ve always desired to ride the best looking bike present on the planet. However did you ever considered about the person, who was riding the bike, and the way he looked. Although your clothing is of little importance while driving a bike, having everything in the right order is sure to work for you. Take it in this way you should look as good as the bike you’re riding! Let us try some advice aimed mainly at new riders to make them understand what will suit them better:

Helmet: Good dealer advices and assures that your helmet fits properly on your head. It should have good snug fitting. Helmets are available in different sizes and you might find that you require trying different ones for finding the one, which perfectly suits you. Again, you shouldn’t buy second hand helmet. They do not work efficiently if they are more than three years old or dropped from height over 2 feet. Always take care of your visor and clean it with soft cotton clothes. Avoid paper towels for their abrasive feel. Most riders like their helmet to complement the bike. Whilst most popular color in helmet black, buying bright colors might help others to notice you more.

General Clothing: Whilst every biker craves for motorcycle clothing, you should know that they are expensive and individuals mostly have to settle with normal clothing or opt for buying them one at a time.

If you’re going to buy the clothing one at a time, buying it in this order can work for you:

1. Helmet
2. All season gloves
3. Jacket and trousers (Lightweight Waterproof)
4. Jacket
5. Boots
6. Trousers

Whist you’re riding, you might never get hot on the hottest summer day. However, biggest dangers loom when you’ll feel cold. Make it sure that you’re wearing clothing for keeping you dry, comfortable and warm. In case of coming out of accident with minimum scars, you should protect yourself with tough and well-fitting clothing.

Gloves: Never consider riding bikes without gloves. You’ll ultimately find that you need gloves irrespective of the season in concerned. The gloves should be thick in winter and medium-weight preferably in other seasons. Ski type gloves might help you to stay dry, warm and trendy, but won’t work as a protection during unforeseen events. Trust me, its no fun getting your hand’s skin off. So, choose other safer options.

Trousers: Lightweight and waterproofs nylon clothing is not expensive and you can fold them up to small size for keeping it in your carrier. You can use them over denim jackets, jeans and the list goes on.

Jacket: Avoid bulky jackets (Ski type ones), as they’ll give no protection in case of accidents and obscure the bike’s mirrors. You can even get affected more by the wind when you’ve got them on. Bike jackets should be either fabric or leather. Leather ones offer better protection, whereas fabric tends to work well in every season.

Boots: Absence of proper biking boots, you should have heavy shoes as replacements. Work boots and heavy walking boots are considered fine by expert, as ideally you only need your ankle protected. However, avoid steel toecaps. Again, boots with soft sole makes it difficult for putting bikes on to stands.

Trousers: You’ve got leather and fabric as options. Leather works well for you, if you’ve got safety in mind and fabric is enough if you consider weather to be a bigger threat. Tough denim jeans can be good substitutes provided it has good fitting.

So, try incorporating these advices for getting the clothing while riding your bike. It will have an impact on both the way you look and keep you safe on the road.