Get Discount by Going Cashless at Petrol Pumps From Today [Example of How Much You Can Save Inside]

No matter how the narrative has changed from ‘black money’ to ‘cashless economy’ during this demonetisation drive, it is always beneficial to go cashless. And just when everything seemed to be ending abruptly, the government has, very rightly, tried to lure buyers to use cashless means.

One of the many benefits you get from today by using your debit, credit cards, e-wallets etc at petrol pumps for refuelling your motorcycle or car is a flat 0.75 percent discount. This discount will be in the form of a cashback which will be received within three days.

For example, if you refuel your motorcycle for Rs 500 and pay via your debit card, an amount equivalent to Rs 3.75 will be refunded in the same bank account in three days. So, if your monthly running cost is Rs 2000, you will be able to save about Rs 15 every month (or about 6 kms extra on your RC390 😉 )

For car users, who generally fill more, if your monthly expenses for diesel/petrol are Rs 5000, you can save about Rs 37.5 by going cashless. It may not seem too big an amount but something is always better than nothing and then you will be saved of carrying hard cash in your wallet or you can use the already available cash for something else/local vendor who doesn’t provide you this facility of swipe machines/e-wallets.

This offer should be applicable on all PSU petrol pumps across the nation and according to me one nice little step towards pushing people to buy petrol using cashless means.