Diesel Powered Motorcycle Track T800 CDI

There are very few diesel motorcycles around the world. Mostly because diesel powered motorcycles has very low power to weight ratio which is not suitable for modern day’s motorcycles.  Let’s have introduction of Track T800 CDI which is powered by diesel fuel. This is an adventure style motorcycle which is produced by Dutch Manufacturer Evaproducts.

The motorcycle is powered by 799cc, triple cylinder turbo charged engine. It has six valves per cylinder and it uses common rail fuel injection system for fuel supply. The engine transmission is handled by constantly variable transmission method.  It has shaft drive method for final transmission to rear wheel. It uses centrifugal clutch due to CVT transmission. The motorcycle generates maximum power of 50bhp and maximum torque of 100Nm.

The chassis is well designed and uses modern trellis frame. It uses WP suspension at front and rear. The front suspension got WP 48 mm USD (upside down suspension) which offers travel of 210mm while the rear got WP preload adjuster suspension which offers the same travel of  210mm. The front got dual disc brake of 310mm (Brembo brake) and rear got disc brake of 268mm. The front tyre got rim size of 1.85 inch x 21 inch while the rear tyre got rim size of 4.25 inch x 17 inch. Overall the motorcycle has been built with quality parts and can compete with KTM 990 Adventure and BMW 1200GS in chassis terms.  Its heavier motorcycle as its kerb weight is 240 Kg.

The styling of this motorcycle is unique. It has got unique headlight and digital speedometer. The riding position of this motorcycle is adjustable so it’s comfortable for long touring position. However, the riding pleasure is not like the petrol powered motorcycle. The company is constantly working on improving the riding pleasure and the new version offers better riding pleasure compared to earlier one.


Talking about performance this motorcycle can easily achieve 155 kilometer per hour top speed. It offers fuel efficiency of 30 km/liter in city ride conditions and 21 km/liter in off road conditions which is very good considering 799cc engine. The motorcycle engine is built to last as it has engine life of 4,00,000 kilometers.  The motorcycle is sold at a price of £15,000 (Rs.12.30 lakhs) and Its available in silver, black and white color.

– Mahavir Kothari