Despite Extra Tax Duke 390/RC390 Cheaper (by Upto 5,900) in Most States

KTM has passed on the GST benefits by reducing prices of its sub 350cc motorcycles which we have shared few minutes back (here). However, their <350cc motorcycles – Duke 390 and RC390, despite the levy of 1 percent extra cess in GST (over the older net tax), have become cheaper in most states of India.

This is simply because all these states extracted higher (than 31 percent) taxes prior to GST.

Duke 390/RC390 Latest Price

*all prices ex-showroom and applicable from 1st July 2017

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Duke 390/RC390 Post-GST Price – Quick Pointers

  • Since Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra were among the highest tax extractors prior to GST, motorcycles in these two states have received the maximum price cut.
  • The highest price reduction of Rs 5,995 is in Madhya Pradesh for the 2017 RC390.
  • Owing to lowest taxes prior to GST, Pondicherry people have suffered as all motorcycles (even the sub 350cc ones) have become costlier. RC390 has become dearer by as much as Rs 8,686 here.
  • Individually, Duke 390 has become cheaper by upto Rs 5,882 in Madhya Pradesh and costlier by upto Rs 8498 in Pondicherry. Similar is the story with RC390.
  • Out of the 31 states (and Union Territories) KTM’s 390s have become costlier in 13 states which are marked in red whereas 18 states have seen a price cut (marked in green). In Delhi, both the KTM’s flagships in India have become costlier by Rs 3000+.

So, how many of you are rejoicing and how many of you are not….

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